Six on Saturday: 27.3.21

Well, it is holiday time Two weeks off to start catching up on garden jobs. The lawn has been reseeded but I still have some pruning jobs to do. I talked about the hydrangea last week but there are still the hydrangea paniculata to go. I’m going to be spending a day in work reseeding a few grass patches as hundreds of tiny feet takes its toll on the grass. But should have time for my RHS course and gardening. It was my birthday this week, but it was another lockdown birthday so no going out. But I got some nice gifts. Nothing on the gardening side but there isn’t really anything I needed.

1. Moon

One present I did get is a card reader to transfer photos from my big camera to my phone making it quicker to get access to my photos. Here is a quick moon shot taken Thursday night. Popped out in the garden as I could see a clear gap in the clouds. It was a nice mild night. You can hear the frogs out there currently. I need to set the trail camera again and see if the hedgehogs are around.

2. Forget-me-nots

The forget me nots are out in force which will bring in many bees over the next month. I know some people don’t like them but I like the fact that they spread to fill any spaces in the border and bring in so many insects.

3. Muscari

A stray muscari coming up well ahead of the others.

4. Discount planter

I picked up one of these cheap wildflower planters from Tesco now they have reduced stickers. It has a mix of poppies, cornflower, cosmos and sunflowers. So wildflower used in the loose term. I like these for using for bulbs for spring displays as they store easily when not needed. I have a few round pots but thought this might bring in a few insects on the patio this year before it is repurposed for bulbs.

5. Alice’s tulips

Alice’s tulips are growing strong. I think these were Chopin or Giuseppe Verdi tulips. I can’t remember which way around we planted them. Either way, a very bright burst of sunshine out the back door.

6. My real garden

We crowdfunded a gardening book a few months back and it has now arrived. The book was put together by Ann-Marie Powell and Tasmin Westhorpe documenting peoples gardening experience in lockdown. They asked for contributions and it features a great mix of professional and amateur gardeners.

And here is our contribution. Alice taking her place amongst garden media and Chelsea Gold winners.

Hope you all have good weekends. The weather is meant to be good this weekend before it becomes wetter. So time to get jobs done.

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12 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 27.3.21”

    1. This lens has proved a good investment. It’s 300 mm making it light enough for everyday use and was about £200 which is cheap by lens standards. I’d like a bigger telephoto but the next step up would be a thousand pounds or there abouts so not happening anytime soon. The moon pics has been something I’ve worked on for a while mainly as a technical exercise as it’s mainly getting the shutter speed right.

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  1. Alice’s tulips are ahead of mine. I don’t think I have any red and yellow ones, they look lovely. My forget-me-nots are just starting to show colour but my photo was too blurred to include.


  2. Alice’s tulips are early, I have a few orange ones in flower (all old bulbs) Orange Emperor and I think one Brown Sugar. I don’t think the ones I left in pots from last year are going to do much, but we’ll see. As for your sentence “Nothing on the gardening side but there isn’t really anything I needed.” Really? Isn’t there always something a gardener wants? Anyway I hope you had a lovely birthday and enjoy your time off! At least from Monday you are allowed to travel a little further from home.

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    1. I’m pretty well tooled up currently. Mainly use the same 3 tools anyway. Got seeds to keep me busy several years. One book I want that’s not out- Dave Goulson gardening for bumblebees. I’ve pre-ordered with a voucher. And don’t really trust other people to buy plants. I got a match a tree game matching the leaf and tree to improve my ID skills and Latin for RHS. But I am pretty fortunate in enjoying simple things and having more than enough of what I like.

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