30 Days 2020

Contents page for our adventures during the Wildlife Trusts 30 Days Wild 2020.

Day 1-Teddy Bears Picnic

Day 2-leaf man

Day 3-Butterfly printing

Day 4-Cloud watching

Day 5-Grow your own for wellbeing

Day 6-Wildflower hunting

GYO wellbeing

Day 7-Butterfly Life cycle

Day 8-Den discovery

Day 9-Beetle maths

Day 10-Dandelion rainbow, bee buns, lettuce soup, flower crowns

Day 11-Flower crown

Day 12-Butterfly gingerbread


Day 13-Plate fish

Day 14-Stick wands

Day 15-Spells

Day 16-Drawing outside

Day 17-Wetland walk

Day 18-picnic on the beach

Day 19-Animal rescue

Day 20-Stick broomsticks


Day 21-The Great Yorkshire Creature hunt day 1

Day 22-The Great Yorkshire Creature Count day 2

Day 23-bird feast

Day 24-Forest school

Day 25-Princess Poppy saves the bees

Bee poppy

Day 26-Simple pleasures in the park-ball games, hill rolling, dens

Day 27-Butterflies and wild art

Day 28-Pirate beach

Day 29-Bear hunt prep

Day 30-Bear hunt

Bear hunt