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Hello and welcome to my 30 days of wild blog. I am a primary teacher and new dad. Nature has always mattered to me, but since discovering I would be becoming a father nine months ago my love of the wild has taken on a new meaning. The world my daughter is coming into is facing many problems. We face an energy crisis, potential food shortages, global warming along with large sections of wilderness disappearing across the world in the name of “progress”. Species taken for granted in my childhood are becoming increasingly rare. Not the best time to be bringing a child into the world.

However it isn’t all doom and gloom. I the news today renewable energy levels have reached record levels (here). Many conservation groups are doing great work monitoring and doing what they can to protect the environment. Last month I went for a walk around North Cave Wetlands. This wonderful reserve is under the care of the wildlife trust. It was a rather wet drab day for a walk, but through the day I saw numerous species of amazing birds: lapwings, oystercatchers, grebes, a hobby, blue tits, robins and many more (possibly a buzzard, but not clear). At the end of my walk I talked to Maurice Gordon. He told me about other reserves in my local area and directed me to the wildlife trust website. A very helpful, informative chap.

On the website I saw the wildlife trusts 30 days of wild month of June. A call to do one act of wildness each day, taking time to reconnect to nature. This might mean taking awalk in nature, planting wild flowers, setting up a wild treasure hunt. Over the next month I aim to do one act of wildness each day to promote a love of nature. This might not be easy with a newborn, but I will record progress here. This is for you Alice Johnson.

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Alice Ann Johnson 16.5.16