Six on Saturday: 20.11.21

Well, it looks like I captured last weeks Acer photo at the right time as it has now lost many of its leaves. I’m still failing to get bulbs planted but maybe some tomorrow.

Geranium Rozanne

It’s a very popular plant, though not my favourite geranium. I think a lot of people are a bit bored of it from how much it gets used in designs. But it’s almost December and it’s still flowering well after many months. That counts for something.

Hydrangea runaway bride

This was in the front garden where it was too shaded. It was suffering from yellowing leaves, chlorosis. Since moving it to the back garden where it has had more sun it has been happier. Hydrangeas are generally ok in shade but this one obviously wasn’t happy with it. It’s still a bit spindly but it’s finishing the year in better health than it was.

Climbing hydrangea

I have a large climbing hydrangea that is hidden behind the black cherry tree and lilac and it is beautiful. The flowers at the beginning of summer are always a treat and the leaves are one of my best autumn colours. But it isn’t very visible. So I planted several opposite on the other fence where they will be seen more. They take a few years to get going. I think this was its second year and it is picking up pace. The leaves are large and turn a vibrant yellow bringing some nice contrast to the holly nearby. As it claims the fence it adds to the cover for the birds as they hop through the fence gaps.


The azalea was looking very leggy in spring. It had a lot of dead growth so I read up on pruning advice and it said to prune little and often to encourage the sideshoots. It has bushed out, though it isn’t quite the tight Japanese topiary I imagined.

Primula victorian lace

I dug these out of the ground as they were hidden in the border, divided them and put them in hanging pots on the log store to make a mini auricula theatre. They have flowered well since moving and gradually bushing out again.

Geranium lace time

This is one of my favourite hardy geraniums. The delicate veining is stunning and it reliably flowers over a long time with many pollinators making use of it.

And that’s it for this week. We’ve got a quiet weekend ahead hopefully. Should get through my planning for work today and have a bit of time tomorrow for the garden. I need to do a bit of weeding to prevent seeding for next year.

Six on Saturday: A garden in decline

The garden is gradually sliding towards winter. The hostas are bright yellow before they turn to mush. The Acer is looking spectacular this year. There are still a good few flowers blooming but gradually reducing in number.

The view from above

The lawn is gradually needing less mowing. Probably one or two more to go to leave it tidy for winter if I get a dry enough day to walk about on it. But I haven’t had many of those recently.

From the ground

The garden is just about holding together. The hydrangea are slowly fading, though the limelight at the back still have some bright blooms. The acer is fiery currently.

The Acer

I know I featured it a few weeks ago but it is looking so good. Normally the leaves are blown off before they change so I’m taking a lot of pleasure in the colour this year.

The front garden

The front garden is full of yellowing hostas. They will remain like this briefly before going to mush. Then I can clear them and the evergreen structure of ferns and heuchera will keep the garden looking good until the spring bulbs come through.

Sea holly

One of the sea hollies planted on late in the year has produced a few blooms. I’m still seeing a few pollinators hovering around on warmer days so good to have a few flowers still helping them.


There are still a good few dahlias providing colour which is much appreciated as it gets darker.

Thank you for reading. Hope you all have super weekends.

Six on Saturday: 6.11.21

After a busy few weeks, I made it out into the garden. Only to mow the lawn but it’s a start to the autumn tidying.

Fire log

We went out in the garden last night for Bonfires night. I bought a fire log as we had one last year and it did a good job of keeping us warm and cooking marshmallows. But this one was a bit poor. It never really got going.


We did enjoy some sparklers though.


And we enjoyed watching a few other peoples fireworks going off.

Geranium Brookside

I had a quick trip to the smaller garden centre while Alice was in ballet and picked up a few discount plants. This hardy geranium is a reliable blue spreader. I will probably use it for work. I don’t have a particular purpose for it but it was cheap and will be useful somewhere.

Crambe maritima

Sea kale was a favourite of Derek Jarman. It’s drought-tolerant and can stand sea winds. I tried it from seed before and a few germinated but didn’t make it to adulthood. This one looks a bit sorry for itself but it was cheap enough I’m willing to chance it and bring it back to life.

Senecio herrianus

Another cheap purchase. A little pot of string of beads houseplant. I’ve swapped it to a new pot as it’s a trailer. It needs something with a bit of weight so it doesn’t drop off. It’s a succulent that trails over the edge of the pot. It can be propagated easily either by rooting cuttings into soil or water.

I’m slightly more hopeful of starting the bulb planting this week but we’ll see. We have a wood delivery coming today for the log burner so going to have to have a tidy of the patio if nothing else. Hope you all enjoy your weekends.