Stop the culls


The news came yesterday that the government plans to continue and extend the badger culls into new counties. They have already taken place in Somerset and Gloucestershire since 2013 and in Dorset last year. The aim of the culls is to tackle bovine TB. Bovine TB is a serious issue for cattle farmers it affects thousands of farms and tens of thousands of cattle are culled each year as a result of it. There is a push to develop and approve vaccines for Bovine TB to vaccinate badgers and the cattle. However due to the expense and time this will take the culling option has been put forward as the main way of tackling the problem.

So the culls have been going ahead which so far has been a very costly procedure.

A quick look at the figures:

2015 round of badger culling

Licensed culls in West Somerset, West Gloucestershire and Dorset


badgers culled in 2015


total “badger control costs” for the year

  • £1,212.68 equivalent per badger culled
  • 743 badgers culled by “controlled shooting”
  • 724 badgers culled by cage trapping

Hedgehog feeding

As part of my RSPB home for nature plan I was set the task of opening a hedgehog cafe.


Details of here:

I haven’t set up the box station yet, but got a feeding tray and water tray ready next to the hedgehog home.


For those who have been following the blog you’ll of seen my highways and byways have had some success getting a hedgehogs into the garden.

Last night I had some of the busiest activity from my hedgehog visitor. I got some of the best footage on the trail cam. Then with Alice rising early for a morning feed at 4 I actually got to see the hedgehog this morning shuffling around the garden rather than just on the trail cam.






Horse and hound

Today me and Alice went out for a walk around town. We found a horse and dog show going on in the park.




Alice didn’t seem too bothered for horses. She fell asleep on seeing one. At least I know she won’t be asking for a pony for Christmas any time soon.

We only saw the horse show which was a suitably equestrian affair. Rosettes being presented by women in dowdy dresses and wide brimmed hats. The dog show I can only imagine is more of a wrestling match with last dog standing. There were dogs snarling at each other, straining on their leads, circling in the ring. I reckon any dog that makes it to the end of the afternoon is a winner.

There were a few stalls around the show. I picked up a nice pot of heather. Should look and smell nice potted on the patio. Along with adding to the pollen selection available to the insect life in the garden.

On the way home we went by the seafront. It was a nice day with a good view of Flamborough.

I spotted three butterfly species along the coastal path: tortoiseshell, red admiral and speckled wood.

Linked to my trip to the park the government are looking at how our parks are used. This is a chance to share one way you gain access to nature. It’s just a quick questionnaire. The more people who fill it in the better.


Highways and Byways continued

Now I have internet again I’m going to be working on catching up on some updates to bring my progress on my new garden up to date. Further proof that the hedgehole hole works built as part of my highways and biways. Just a small hole makes a difference.




And video evidence

A morning stroll

This morning me and Alice took a stroll out to let Amy get some more rest. We headed out across town to Hornsea Mere. Alice has been fascinated the last week any time we go under the shade of trees her head darts about looking at the branches excitedly. As we came along the path to the mere she had the double excitement of branches and bird song.


The mere was looking stunning this morning with the sun reflecting off the water. Beautiful blue sky and a slight breeze.


A great variety of ducks, geese and seabirds were resting in the sun. I’m going to need to work on my identification skills seeing a greater variety. I can pick out the mute swan, the canada goose, but too many of the others are just duck currently. There are also lots of faster moving smaller birds which I think are sand martins, but my lens isn’t able to take a decent photo at the distance.


The waters edge has some lovely wild flowers keeping the bees happy.


We then walked home back along a section of the Trans Penine trail along the old railway track and seafront. Not too bad for a gentle morning stroll.



I have made the move to the new house. We have no internet for a few weeks so posts will be fewer. Me and Alice made it out for a walk in a break from unpacking. Lots of butterflies and wild poppies. I’ve got the materials for bug hotel so hopefully add that to the garden next week.