Day 24-trail cam

Well today started off with bad messages over tv, social media that the UK is leaving the EU. I was rather saddened that so many people in my country are being so short sighted. But try to concentrate in the widlife with slugs greeting me outside the front door on the way to the car.


At work I set up my new trail camera in the wooded area at the back of the school field. I captured some super fox photos. The fox coming up to pose infront of the camera. However when I returned home a formatting error meant I lost them all leaving me rather deflated. I will try again next week and try to capture some of the birds in the garden over the weekend.


At the start of the day my class set up some food supplies for various animals to see what we could entice out. We left some jam out, some cucumber, and some biscuit crumbs. When we returned at lunch the ants had swarmed on the jam as hoped. The cucumber had attracted snails and the birds had come to the grass. The kids were delighted running back and forth between jam spots to see the ants progress.

I’ll finish today with an RSPB song. On a day where unity, strength together has failed I think it’s worth considering our international conservation efforts. Please click the link, donate if you feel the need.

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