My wild winter

The Wildlife Trust has put out a super little PDF on winter activities.

My Wild Winter

It has some good ideas on ways to stay wild during these chilly months.

Included are ideas on:

  • Making bird feeders.
  • Making a snow globe.
  • Discovering animal tracks.
  • Making a Winter bird bath.
  • making ice decorations.

Each are nice activities for a few hours on a weekend or Spring holiday to fight the boredom and still get outside.

There are some challenges to do in the snow such as making snow animals. Suggestions include making a snow hedgehog using sticks for spines. It would make a nice change from a snowman and won’t take anywhere near as long! It also lists wildlife and winter events to look out for.

The activities are largely family/young children orientated, but it’s free so you’re not going to lose anything (beyond a few minutes of time) by looking.


A winter walk

Yesterday saw us getting out after a few days sheltering in.

We went for a walk along the sea front. The last week it’s been so windy I’d been avoiding the sea front for fear of the pram being blown over. The beach was full of men getting out to try out their new Christmas fishing gear and get out after being away from the fishing for a few days.



The sun was the annoying low variety of Winter where it’s constantly in your eyes. But it did help put Alice to sleep.



Then we went for a walk along the old railway line.