Six on a Saturday: 25.8.18 gardener’s wedding

I have returned from a perfect wedding day. Everything went swimmingly and I think everyone had a nice day. So my six this week is a list of six garden related wedding links.

1. The tables and favours

Any long time readers of the blog will know I garden keeping wildlife in mind. So some of our table decorations and favours (previous blog on favours) were done with this in mind.

For favours we purchased meadow seeds and packed into envelopes we purchased from eBay. We bought the seed from meadow in my garden. Meadow in my garden make seed mixes for every garden condition. I chose an extra short mix that people can grow in pots or in the border. I didn’t want anything that would cause any problem growing bigger than people could control. I also thought it was a nice remainder of the day. If they plant them they could potentially have a remainder of the day for years to go.

The name cards carried on the loose theme with the mini bees.

2. Cake

For the cake, we went for floral icing. Daisies are one of Amy’s favourite flowers and I’ve grown lots of ox eye daisies this year in the garden. On the top, we had two big bees for me and Amy and a little bee for Alice. The bottom was fruit cake, the top lemon drizzle. It was very tasty.

3. Flowers

The flowers came from the flower pot in Whitby and my in-laws garden. They were absolutely stunning. We now want to plant several of the flowers into our garden as remainders of the day. Photos are mainly from my phone and don’t do them justice.

The florist’s centrepiece for the altar was glorious. I chatted briefly with the florist, a nice chatty fellow who wished me luck. Now need to work through identifying flowers to try and plant.

The bouquets carried on the colour scheme. Alice was very happy with her bouquet. It wasn’t until after the service she started to use it as a weapon to hit people with.

The flowers for the table and smaller church displays came from the in-laws garden. Ruth did a lovely job of putting them together. We’ve been collecting small vases from charity shops for a while. They looked excellent and heard many complimentary comments on how good they were.

The bouquet on display.

When we returned home we found two more beautiful bouquets left by my parents.

I’ve now been requested to dry out the bouquets to store, so our airing cupboard has more flowers stored in.

4. Pre-wedding reading

I was kicked out of the house early in the morning and had a good bit of time to spare at the church. Luckily there was some good reading on the churches charity shelf.

5. The gifts

We had said we didn’t want any gifts as we really don’t need anything in our lives. We had houses separately before we coupled up and have built up everything we need. But clearly, people feel guilty not giving gifts. One of my aunties gave a number of lovely presents including a good variety of seeds for next year. Lots recommended for wildlife and some white bulbs suitable for a wedding. The Sarah Raven foxgloves and cosmos look particularly nice.

One of my other aunties drove up from Shropshire with lots of donations from there garden. There are some good ground cover plants. Geraniums and ladies mantle will help under plant a few areas. Then a few bigger plants. The New England Aster looks to have pretty. Purple flowers. Have to work through looking them all up to work out the right places for them all.

The ring

The ultimate daily remainder of the day was bought with gardening in mind. As both my work and my home life are quite destructive to my hands I needed a robust ring. Buying a wedding ring is an interesting procedure. A bit like a subway sandwich there are hundreds of options. With the ring, we had to choose material, twists, textures, engravings, rocks, etc. But I favoured just a nice texture that won’t look bad as it gets knocked and titanium for hard wear.

It was a fabulous day and we were thankful people could share in our day. I live a charmed life filled with joy. Hope you all enjoy your weekends. I need to contemplate where the new plants will go.

Seeds for bees-wedding favours

So the wedding is over. We had a fabulous day, but we gave out favours with no instructions. This seemed the easiest way to share what to do.

For favours we bought a Meadow in my garden extra short pack. Then packaged them in seed envelopes bought off eBay. Meadow in my garden is a community interest company based down in Wiltshire with a passion for wildflowers and helping nature. Well worth checking their site if you fancy a wild patch. They have seed for a whole range of garden conditions.

The seed mix we bought contains:

Aurinia saxatile, Cerastium tomentosum, Cheiranthus allionii, Chrysanthemum paludosium, Dianthus heddewigii, Dorontheanthus bellidiformis, Eschscholtzia caespitosa, Lobularia maritima, Nemophila discoidalis, Nemophila menziesii and Viola cornuta.

I selected a shorter mix, so I wasn’t giving anyone anything that was going to grow into a beast and take over your gardens. It will grow a nice little pollinator friendly patch. Ideal for a pot or a little patch front of border.


The seeds are best down now September to October to flower the following year or wait until March to June next year.

Before sowing lightly dig the soil, breaking to a fine mix. Remove any weeds that may be in the soil.

Scatter the seeds lightly on the surface. They can be pressed gently into the surface so the seeds have contact with the soil.

When shoots appear in Spring water about once a week if rain hasn’t fallen on them. After about six weeks they should be able to cope.


If you want you can leave the flowers to die down and some will grow again the following year. If you want tidiness went until after flowering then cut back below the flowers. Leave the cuttings in location for about a week. This gives flowers a chance to dry and the seeds to drop. You will, hopefully, get a display again next year.

If you enjoy the display I would recommend meadow in my gardens. One box will cover a decent area. I have used them at school and got a good show from it. They have more advice on the website on how to grow their products.

Thank you

Hope people who attended had a good time. Don’t think anyone can complain that they weren’t fed enough. I knew it would be good portions, but didn’t expect the starter to be that size. It was a service to remember with a good performance by Steve and beautiful singing from Suzanne and Mary. We had an absolutely wonderful day and were happy so many people were there to share it with us. To those who we couldn’t invite for space constraints or couldn’t make it thank you for the lovely messages of congratulations. I am a truly lucky man with a wonderful wife and delightful daughter. We look forward to, hopefully, many more years together filled with memories as nice as Tuesday.