Signs of Spring

Yesterday was the first day of the half term holiday for me. I took Alice out for a good walk and could really see the change in the seasons starting to happen. Through the park patches of snowdrops are starting to flower.

It was nice going through the park. It’s starting to warm up. More dog walkers were out, a couple of families out, and some kids climbing in a thicket of trees and bushes, using it as their hidey hole.




I took the long route round which takes me past one of several blue plaques in Hornsea. This one on the white cottage is dedicated to TE Lawrence. I like to think he enjoyed his time in Hornsea and found some peace.


Within my own garden the daffodils closest the house and warmth are looking set to flower. The ones down at the bottom of the garden have a little longer to go.

Throughout our walk Alice was chatting happily. Any other baby would of drifted off for their afternoon nap, but not Alice. She sat in the pram chatting and giggling the whole journey. You would have thought the sound of the sea, the rolling of the pram would make her droop off, but no happy as Larry. Thought she’d be grumpy til bed time with over tiredness but she was alright.