Family day out

Yesterday saw me, Amy and Alice heading out into Hull. We rarely have a reason to go in now and it is a military operation getting Alice’s kit ready, but we needed to go into the bank. While in we checked out a few of the Hull city of culture events on offer.

First we went to check out “the blade“. The blade is a temporary art installation covering Queen Victoria Square. Siemens is set to be producing these from Hull.

Facts from the culture site:

  • The blade is 75 metres long, 3.5m in diameter at the root and weighs 25 tonnes.
  • It is the largest single-cast product in the world.
  • The blades are a composite of fibreglass, balsa wood and resin.
  • This blade is part of a turbine which stands 90 metres tall.
  • Over the course of 2017, hundreds of blades will be made in the new Siemens factory in Hull.
  • Blade bisects the square from Savile Street to Carr Lane, rising to a height of more than 5.5 metres at its tip, allowing double-decker buses to pass underneath.

It is rather impressive in nature coming up close to one of these blades that are now a common sight across the country. It is remaining until the 18th March when the mammoth task of transporting it out will begin. But for now a nice reminder of the cities links with renewable energy.




The birds seem to be enjoying settling on it and round it.

Still plenty of building works going on as they finish repaving the area. Shame it couldn’t be completed ready for the year of culture, but the areas done are looking much nicer.


It was a nice sunny day and the centre was looking really good. The completed areas are looking smart. The surviving older building in the square are lovely. It’s a shame monstrosities like Princess Quay were allowed to be built amongst the older architecture.

We took a walk along the quay to Ask for lunch. As we have rarely been into town we thought we’d treat ourselves to lunch. On the way we spotted another moth for Amy.



The quay was looking pleasant in the sunshine.




We had a nice meal at Ask. We shared a calzone and a tasty seafood ravioli and a honeycomb cheesecake for pudding. Alice was impeccably behaved. She sat talking, giggling then happily ate her own food.



After lunch we checked out the revamped Ferens Art Gallery. The gallery has secured a Francis Bacon exhibit for reopening. Pretty dreary, but a big name to relaunch with. They are also giving local talent exposure. Some good, some not so good.




I rather like these ceramic penguins, but had a high asking price.



There was a nice new sensory area with art activities for the children to do. Alice liked the light table and the colour discs. All in all a grand day out.