Six on Saturday: Holy gardening utility belt Batman!

So inspired by the garden ninja’s blog on best tools to start out with I thought I’d show six of my tools. I recently bought a holster, which I now wonder how I managed without. So for this week my super gardening rig out.

1. Hori-hori

The Japanese digging knife. I’ve discussed it before, but this little tool is massively useful. It digs, cuts, plants bulbs, weeds, etc. It feels satisfying getting the dandelions out with this. When I moved in the lawn was more dandelions than grass. While I don’t mind a few for the wildlife it was a bit much.

2. Snips

My gardening snips are used for lots of the smaller/thinner deadheading and useful for a lot of the houseplants that don’t have as thick stems. I bought a holster for them so they weren’t left open and dangerous. Now, I wonder how I got by without them attached to me for easy use.

3. Weeding knife

As well as the hori-hori I carry a small folding weeding knife. The hori-hori is good for the larger weeds and devastates dandelions. The folding knife is better for the gaps in the patio where weeds emerge weekly.

4. Secateurs

My secateurs are nothing special. Just a set of Spear and Jackson secateurs, but they’ve reliably done the job for a few years. It’d be nice to treat myself to something sturdier, but not essential.

5. Gold leaf gloves

The gold leaf gloves I got for tackling the roses are excellent. Thick yet supple. They have made working on the roses a lot easier and I know will come in use when I tackle the teasel.

6. Jacket

My trusty gardeners jacket hangs by the back door. It’s fleecy lined and quite thick. It protects from the spikier garden plants and has deep pockets to hold string and rubber ties. Alice knows big jobs are ahead when the full kit has gone on.

Hope you’ve enjoyed an insight into my gear. I’ve got climbing roses to tie in and an outdoor aspidistra to pot up. Enjoy your weekends!