Home for nature-Hedgehog home

I wanted to see if it anything had come into through the new highway before I move into the new house properly. So I set up the trail cam to run over Thursday night. I’m glad to report the trail cam met success.


I had been concerned about what birdlife I might get in the garden with the seagulls dominating the rooftops. Yesterday I saw a few starting to come into the feeder. Pigeons have settled in and a swarm of starlings.


Day 28-success of the trail cam!

This morning I set up the trail cam at the back of the school field in the wooded area. At lunchtime I went to collect it in. The camera wasn’t quite positioned ideally as a number of animals seem to of crept up close, so only half was captured. But I was happy to see this little chappy trundling past.

Then a little later in the morning this young lady popped her head in to have a look.

I was quite happy to capture the hedgehog, even if I didn’t get a clear shot. But I still wanted the to get a good sight of the foxes. So I set it up for the afternoon.

The first visitor did have a streak of red, but not a fox.

But then later in the day I got what I was waiting on.