Today is sponsored by the letter B

I’m starting today with something for teachers. I received my confirmation that I will be sent a free bulb pack from Bulbs for kids is encouraging children to get some hands on nature experience planting and growing their own bulbs.

The kit contains:

  • 600 flower bulbs (200 tulips, 100 crocuses, 200 daffodils and 100 grape hyacinths)
  • 35 Bulbs4Kids instruction booklets
  • 1 teacher’s manual
  • 10 gardening trowels
  • 15 plant markers


All for free. So if you are a teacher sign up now. Only one set per school, but that is plenty of bulbs to spread between year groups. As I plant different flowers and vegetables each year with my class this is looking great for getting what I need for free. If nothing else I’ll have a collection of trowels for future gardening and sand tray activities.


Going away from teaching I’ve started to prepare for the big butterfly count. I’ve downloaded the app.It logs location, type of location and then what species of butterflies you’ve sighted. Seems like a good replacement for the void now the Great British Bee Hunt is over.

Now need to brush up on butterflies. Dug out the National Trust butterflies guide and the older E.B. Ford butterflies. My knowledge of butterflies is a bit rusty. I listened to Patrick Barkham’s the butterfly isles last month, so hopefully taking part in the count will build on that knowledge.

And a photo from earlier in the week I spotted another Amy Johnson moth.



Strike day

Today I am on strike. As a teacher my career path is being eroded by the conservative government. George Osbourne froze the spending per child in schools meaning in real terms we have taken a cut with inflation. Their push to make all schools academies has been well publicised. The continual push to make the public sector fail to allow for privatisation. They are pushing to allow unqualified teachers replace teachers. I know who I would rather have teach my child. All of there proposals will further lead to further inequality in society. The poor will end up with a poorer quality of education.  Not that the conservatives will care with their children already in private schools, but I believe in education for all. I work in a inner city council estate. The new push to link exam results will put people off working in these areas where you are likely to see lower results. The parents I work for are a lovely bunch, but they don’t have the same money as leafy suburban parents in terms of providing opportunities for their kids. The children get to see more of the world through school opportunities. The cuts will reduce how much can be done. I have known many of the children I teach from birth and want them to have the same opportunities in life as my own daughter. Under Nicky Morgan that won’t happen. As such I am on strike.


Normally I have marched on strike days, but with a 7 week old colicky baby I am adding what support I can from home. I have added my name to relevant petitions, emailed my MP and I’m adding to blogs. The press does not generally get behind teachers, so we need as much positive press as we can get. Many people are questioning why strike now? The government and press is caught up in Brexit fever. But it is for this reason pressure needs to be put on the government to push education to the fore. With leadership battles going on in both key parties I want to see promises of better education secured. It is time for unions to be strong while the government are weak.

For now I will continue to take solace from our ineffectual government by continuing to enjoy nature. Alice and myself enjoyed watching the secret life of birds with Iolo Williams this morning on netflix. Alice seemed to like the curlews.

Then some reading I can dip in and out of with her naps.