Mr Moos

Today we went on a family outing to Mr Moo’s. Mr Moo’s is an ice cream parlour with the ice cream made on site.

The nephews Jacob and Joe had a cow pat. A mega mix of chocolate, vanilla, brownie and biscuit base. Me and my dad had the Christmas pudding ice cream. Alice chomped on some melon.





A proud granddad and cousins.



We went to see the cows. The boys didn’t believe Amy’s claims that the ice cream is made by feeding the cows the flavour of ice cream they’ll make. So banana ice cream is made by feeding the cows bananas.

I claimed they were being fed straw mixed with berries to makes strawberry ice cream. But they seemed highly sceptical, can’t think why. Saying that Joe’s explanation wasn’t much more exact.



Alice watching the cows.


It was nice to see a lot of birds coming and going to the feeder while we ate.