Six on Saturday: 20.10.18 the second coming

At the moment the garden has a feel of winding down at this point of the year. But over the last week I’ve had a flush of repeat flowers on a number of plants. Most not as impressive as the first, but still a welcome colour revival.

1. Yellow Rose

The yellow rose seems to suddenly take off at this point of the year putting on massive growth with a handful of blooms. I’ve cut it back hard each year so the growth comes from within other shrubs. I think if I ever left it this would become a beast. As it stands it gives a good display. It came with the garden when I moved in. I probably wouldn’t have selected a yellow rose, but it does fade pleasantly through from the fiery yellow to a buttery yellow.

2. Pink Rose

The pink rose has suffered from many rose chompers this year. I think the hot dry summer gave ideal conditions for several insects. The leaves look terrible and a lot of the petals are brown edged, but there are some good looking blooms coming through.

3. Marigolds

My mum planted these in the first summer I moved in. They now periodically pop in random spots along the border. Not the most exciting flowers, but the pollinators are enjoying a spread of flowering season.

4. Ox eye daisies

The ox-eye daisies are putting on another burst of flowering after I hacked them back. Not as good as the first round, but given a good late season source of pollen for many insects.

5. Fuchsia-shrimp cocktail

The fuchsia I’m sure was labelled shrimp cocktail, but I think it was mislabelled as it looks nothing like any variety I can find. Another gift from my mum when I moved in. It grows quite small. The flowers are nothing very exciting. Its redeeming feature is that it is still alive when other fuchsias died. It is a bright colour burst as things get darker.

6. Borage

The borage was cut back and self-seeded patches have grown up as well. Borage is recommended for bees. This and the ivy flowers will keep a number of bees species happy in my garden before they disappear for the year.

I can see signs that a few of the Autumn flowering plants are looking set to bloom, so hopefully have some more colour still to come this year. Though the more I garden the more attached to Chritopher Lloyd’s foliage ideas I become.

“It is an indisputable fact that appreciation of foliage comes at a late stage in our development” Christopher Lloyd foliage plants

Though I don’t think I’m quite willing to do a Christo and rip out the roses yet. Enjoy your weekends and check out the other #sixonsaturday through twitter.

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