Two kindle deals

This month sees two kindle deals that may be of interest to forest school and bushcraft practioners and people interested in general outdoor camping and survival skills.

Dave Canterbury-bushcraft 101

Creek Stewart-Survival hacks

Both are on sale currently for 99p for kindle. Dave Canterbury’s book covers pretty much any area of bushcraft you can name. Through kit essentials, tools, knots, cooking, shelters, fire, trapping and preserving. Creek Stewarts I don’t have, but at 99p I’m willing to take a chance on it.

On an unrelated note in the path behind my garden white bluebells are growing, which are rather pleasant. I’d scattered some shady wildflower seed mix along here to make up for mowing the dandelions, the best earlier source of pollen for many pollinators. 

Two wildlife surveys

Last year I took part in the Great British Bee Count for friends of the earth. This survey allowed you to either log how many bees you saw in a set time or to log sightings of species. I loved the app. It was simple to use. Take a photo of the bee on your phone, then it gave an identification sheet. I became a bit obsessed chasing bees. The hunt returns 19th May.


The Woodland Trust have another survey, The Big Bluebell Watch. Over half the worlds bluebell population are in the UK, so the Woodland Trust want to know where you have sighted bluebells and if their native and non-native. Bluebells are traditionally a sign of ancient woodland and offer an early source of pollen to many insects. So the Woodland Trust wants to make sure they don’t disappear.

I’ve sighted lots along the old Hornsea Railway way and made my submission.