Mandela Gardens

On Wednesday I spent an afternoon at Hull Heritage Learning finding out more about their proposed Hull Curriculum. They have put together a set of resources on 20 Hull histories ready for Hulls year as the city of culture. Some wonderfully enthusiastic people leading the way.

The day was hosted in the cities museum quarter with a marque set up in the Mandela gardens. While only a small walled garden they are looking beautiful at this time of year. For those who haven’t ever been it’s a lovely secluded area in the old historic part of the city. You have the museum for William Wilberforce (top rate slave abolisher), the street-life museum (many old vehicles for the young uns to rampage on) and the history museum (giant woolly mammoth and super Roman Mosaics). Best of all it’s all free and I think we have a better collection than the York museum which charges a small fortune for a family day out.

We still have one of the Phillip Larkin toads on display.


A lovely collection of roses.



The pond is full of mighty beasts in the depths.



Gandhi adds an element of calm to the garden.


Two of the residents at the museum.


A few of the vehicles on offer in the streetlife museum.

Some more pollen beetles.


On the way home I tracked down another moth for Amy.



Today is sponsored by the letter B

I’m starting today with something for teachers. I received my confirmation that I will be sent a free bulb pack from Bulbs for kids is encouraging children to get some hands on nature experience planting and growing their own bulbs.

The kit contains:

  • 600 flower bulbs (200 tulips, 100 crocuses, 200 daffodils and 100 grape hyacinths)
  • 35 Bulbs4Kids instruction booklets
  • 1 teacher’s manual
  • 10 gardening trowels
  • 15 plant markers


All for free. So if you are a teacher sign up now. Only one set per school, but that is plenty of bulbs to spread between year groups. As I plant different flowers and vegetables each year with my class this is looking great for getting what I need for free. If nothing else I’ll have a collection of trowels for future gardening and sand tray activities.


Going away from teaching I’ve started to prepare for the big butterfly count. I’ve downloaded the app.It logs location, type of location and then what species of butterflies you’ve sighted. Seems like a good replacement for the void now the Great British Bee Hunt is over.

Now need to brush up on butterflies. Dug out the National Trust butterflies guide and the older E.B. Ford butterflies. My knowledge of butterflies is a bit rusty. I listened to Patrick Barkham’s the butterfly isles last month, so hopefully taking part in the count will build on that knowledge.

And a photo from earlier in the week I spotted another Amy Johnson moth.