Six on Saturday: 24.9.22

Been a busy week at work. We had several people off so I’ve been covering extra sessions. As a result, I’ve not spent much time in my own garden. This week’s six is from my parent’s garden last week.


A good few blooms coming through looking very nice.

Another rose

Another rose, but this one only had one bloom. It was looking nice against the pyracantha.


The time for winter and autumn bedding is upon us. Cyclamen are lovely plants with the foliage and the delicate flowers.


The agapanthus are doing very well. My mum has built a good collection that are flowering over a good period. These are some of my favourites.


This zinnia was just pure floral perfection. My mum has grown lots in pots this year and they have been wonderful providing great bright bursts of orange and pink and red.


Harvests have been a bit erratic with the drought this year but my parents have managed a good harvest of decorative gourds ready for autumn displays.

Hope you all enjoy your weekends. I’ve got a few more extra shifts next week but will hopefully have some garden time this weekend. Still haven’t planted last week’s purchases so want to get them in.

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