Six on Saturday: 3.7.21

So we move onto a new month and I can see a shift into summer now. More of the summer flowers are coming into flower now I’ve cleared the spring forget-me-nots. The roses are hitting their peaks. The foxgloves are towering high. Lots to enjoy. Having got another round of RHS exams out the way I’ve had lots of enthusiasm for getting out in the garden and I’ve got on with a good bit of maintenance work this week.

Charles DeMills

This is an old rose I planted a few years ago as I wanted the added disease resistance that comes with many old roses. They don’t generally repeat flower but they put on a single decent show and are usually strongly scented. It has however failed to flower all that well previous years as it has suffered from rose balling. The petals have got wet from rain and then they fail to open. This year it is up to a size where it has managed a decent display of flowers. They apparently smell wonderful but I haven’t got my smell back fully since Covid. They open up to form a flat flower head and it opens up to a more ruffled afair. Then it starts to disentegrate and needs dead heading.

While I have managed to achieve more flowers from it, it is still a fairly shapeless shrub with little to recommend it the rest of the year. It may not stay. As I go on in gardening the more I agree with Christopher Lloyd that rose worship should be abandoned to treat them like any other shrub. The odd one is nice but not in every garden.


I bought a cheap little pollinator planter from Tesco’s. So far it has mainly been a pretty mix of different coloured cornflowers. I haven’t actually seen any pollinators on them. But they’ve got a lot of other choices in the garden to pick from.

They may still prove useful for the birds though. Previous years the goldfinches have enjoyed the seeds. The blue ones are probably the standout colours. The pinks are pretty enough but a bit washed out for my taste.

Allium christophii

These are a reliable favourite allium. They have large rounded heads. Also known as star of Persia. You can see form the structure why. The bees love them and so do I. Never enough alliums.

Allium forelock

I think these were forelock which I planted last autumn. These are a new addition to the garden. They have however grown to about 2m. They are taller than me which places them twice the height on the pack. But I don’t have anything else that quite looks like this so I think they must be forelock. They open to form the round ball leaving the white tufts sticking upwards.

Allium nigrum

These are a favourite allium of mine. I like the white heads. They form a half dome and work best in combination with other plants. The contrast making the other plants shine out.


We went to a table top slae last week. There were plant sales outside. I didn’t purchase any but Alice wanted this one. I don’t really bother with this sort of annual plant but Alice wanted it and it’s pretty enough. It has gone in a hanging pot on the log store.

I grew these last year while I was working as a grower at the garden centre. They are a popular choice. The speckles are interesting and they stand out well.

We’ve got a fairly quiet weekend ahead so hopefully have a good bit of time to get on with catching up on garden jobs. I’m also enjoying a bit of garden reading. I’m dipping in and out of “the flower yard” by Arthur Parkinson. He gardens in pots. It’s had a few useful tips but it’s not really my way of gardening. I like a spread of flowers through the year to have maximum impact for wildlife whereas Arthus gets a wow factor for spring and summer. The sort of gardening of emptying pots, annuals is heavy on environmental impact with a lot fo compost getting used as well as using annuals and bulbs that have to be replaced fairly regularly. But the pot combinations he comes up with are very pleasing. An instagram gardener. Apart from anything I’ve shifted more out of the pots to save the time watering as the pots require that extra time watering more regularly than plants in my clay soil. Anyway, hope you enjoy your weekends whatever you are up to.

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16 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 3.7.21”

    1. A few quite nice purple cornflowers have come out in the mix today. Rather nice. The allium isn’t really like the ones I refer to as drumsticks. Gone quite a bit bigger and the head is larger. Still got the little drumsticks to come. Dotted about the border.

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  1. I’m with Alice on the Petunia! It looks particularly lovely in the hanging pot. It is such a lovely deep blue which contrasts beautifully with the dots! The alliums are really lovely too. I have a couple to try this year, but I don’t hold out too much hope for them after our cold and unusually wet winter. The colour of the Rose is really nice too.

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  2. You raise some interesting points about taste and how we regard plants, especially Lloyd’s take on roses. Even if we refuse to be bound by other people’s take on good taste, we still need a reason for growing something. The petunia? I just can’t make my mind up.

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    1. I think it was in Lloyds in my garden he discusses how problems would be less for roses if everyone didn’t grow them. Which if it was more isolated communities they probably would have less disease and so on spread. This week’s just isn’t complimenting surrounding plants. It is in good health and flowering well but it’s out of place with the other plants. I’m not really sold on the petunia but it is settling into the pot and flowering well. Alice likes it so it’s keeping her involved in the garden.


  3. I love the colour of that rose, but not, I don’t think, the polka dots of the Petunia. Something just seems off about it. I ordered Allium christophii and will be planting 50 in the fall, as well as Allium Summer Drummer, which may also get taller than me. Love the blue cornflower!

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  4. I think your rose is a sublime colour and such healthy foliage too! My roses have suffered from the rain this week – some of the white ones have balled and gone mouldy. Not nice. Your Allium is interesting. I have some of the drumsticks popping up now, but they seem very small this year so probably offsets from the original bulbs.

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