Six on Saturday: 19.6.21

So, I have my next 2 RHS exams on Monday, so I will be preparing for soil exam and pests and diseases so it’s going to be a quick one this week.

  1. Dutch iris

A bit of a strange colour combination on this one but I rather like it.

2. Dutch Iris

This is the more standard colour. They are scattered along the border. Between a few different varieties of irises I now get to enjoy them through more of the seasons.

3. Pyracantha orange glow

The pyracantha is flowering well. I only added this recently so it’s still rooting. The seagulls pulled it out a few times so I’m glad to see it flowering. Hopefully lots of berries for the birds to enjoy.

4. Climbing rose Scarlet Paul

This rose is now well established and the training has gone well as we now have flowers all along a good section of fence. Not bad for £2 supermarket climber.

5. Poppy Black Swan

I’ve grown these from seed from Sarah Raven. I fancied something different as I just have the one form of poppy that seems to return each year that is a large dark poppy with smooth edges so I thought these would be a nice addition alongside.

6. Forget-me-not clearing

The forget-me-nots are going to seed so it’s time to scatter a few so they return and clear to make room for other plants coming through. There will be many more wheelbarrows to go. Just doing a few each day.

So that’s it for this week. Back to studying. I need a bit more of a focus on weeds and making sure I’ve got the Latin names in my head. Wish me luck!

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19 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 19.6.21”

  1. Very best of luck with your exams. Thank you for the beautiful close up photos of your iris’s and that black poppy. I’m not sure if its just the colours that my tablet offers but your Paul’s scarlet looks more purplish to me. Paul’s scarlet is a deep blood red scarlet. Does your rose have thorns at all? I have a great many thornless Zepherine Drouhan climbinng roses and they are truly the colour your rose presents on my tablet screen.
    Just wondering that’s all.

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    1. Thanks, recapping fertilisers currently but don’t feel too bad as it’s largely info that comes into practice regularly. Not sure I’ll get a distinction again but last exam was after lockdown so I’d had a good period to revise with nothing much else to do.

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  2. I have been removing FMNs for weeks and still finding some! They are lovely when fresh, but they do crowd out other plants trying to come through. That poppy is rather lovely, I need to sow poppies next year. They are so light and fragile looking and yet pretty tough. Good luck with the exam, I’m sure you’ll be fine. ☘

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      1. Kept my purchases low as the shop has the high prices you’d expect. But two reasonable priced salvias and a less reasonable but pretty iris. Got some super wildlife shots. Probably make up next week’s six.

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