Six on Saturday: 12.6.21

The garden is shooting onwards after a thunderstorm earlier in the week followed by lots of sun. Far more than six beauties to pick currently but this week’s six will feature a mixture of jobs and flowers and wildlife sightings.

The yellow rose

This rose came with the garden. It flowers reliably and is fairly trouble free. Nice dark yellow blooms fading to buttery yellow.


The hostas have been getting nibbled. I’ve started my nighttime patrols with my snips and my torch but also given the plants a dose of nematodes. The nematodes are a natural way of killing off the slugs and keeping the numbers down.


Luckily there are also lots of frogs around. This one looked to have swallowed a full snail.


These are growing madly this year. They self seed around and then I usually pull most out allowing just a few to come through. My genetic gene pool is largely creating murky pink ones but the bees love them so a few can stay.

The hanging pot

The sunnier weather has led to this shooting off and creating lots more flowers. A rather pretty shade of dark and light pink.

Bearded iris

This has been my favourite bloom this week. It was a cheap Wilco’s purchase. It’s taken till it’s 2nd year to bloom but it’s an absolute beauty.

Thank you for reading. Looking to be a hot weekend. The forget-me-not clear and shake process has started. This is always nice as one they are cleared away I discover lots of hidden plants coming through in the mass of faded blue.

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13 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 12.6.21”

    1. The rose grows out a choyisa I’d happily remove but I don’t think I can remove one and not the other and I think the fact that the roses roots are shaded by the shrub helps the water retention. Most of the rest of my roses suffer with rose balling so nice to have one reliable one.

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  1. The iris is lovely and I can see why it’s your favourite. Strangely, I have an iris coming into flower but it’s about four months too early! It has been pretty cold here too; who knows what’s going on with the climate.
    You were fortunate to inherit such a pretty rose.


  2. Irises seem to be very good this year, we saw loads of beauties during our week in Somerset in the last week of May. My hosta is in a pot but easily as nibbled as yours. The snails just abseil down into it from anything nearby. I tried putting the pot in the open last year, which helped, but it hated the sun. I think it is probably going to be composted after this year. I am sure I can find something prettier for the pot.

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