Six on Saturday: 29.5.21

Well, we’ve had another week of rain so everything has shot up after a month of drought. It’s been a soggy week at the nursery with every waterproof needing a wash, but the few bits I’m growing there are doing well. The front garden featured last week is looking lush but the snails are attacking the hostas so I could do with some nematodes.

Bench corner

This little border corner is spilling over with an abundunce of beauty. The chives at the front are almost in flower. They are absolute bee magnets and will be swarming. The litte geranium is being dominated by the big geranium covered in purple flowers. It’s quite a weedy one but the purple one is looking nice. There are lillies coming amongst it that still seem to be doing well. I’ve squished a few lilly beetles but they’ve grown better since I moved them to the shade.

Hardy geranium

A close up the geranium. It is covered in a mass of tiny purple flowers. They show up well in the view from the house. Once they’ve flowered I’ll cut them back so other flowers can shine but pleasant for now.

Dwarf periwinkle

A house nearby had plant sales outside for charity. I picked up 2 dwarf periwinkles. These are ground cover plants that can spread like crazy so I may regret them. But I’ve got a spot amongst the base of the lilac that is bad for weeding and I think this may suppress some and actually survive in the spot.

Ammi visnaga

I also picked a few Ammi visnaga ‘green mist’. These have a pretty umbel flower and feathery foliage. Sarah Raven uses them within cut flower arrangements. I don’t have many umbels since removing the fennel. They are good for brining in a few different insects. Many are popular with butterflies so we’ll see what these attract. It’s also nice to have that variety of shapes.

Sisyrinchium striatum ‘lemon’

Alice choose these. They grow long grass strappy sword leaves with little buttery yellow flowers. I’m not sure where these will go or if they will even suit my conditions, but it was what she wanted.

Astrantia Major ‘claret’

I picked this Astrantia up at Scampston walled gardens last year and it looks to be settling in well. I just got a few flowers last year but it’s got a good coverage this year and will keep flowering over a few months.

I’m on half term now so got a bit of time to get the garden back in order. We’ve got a few days out planned along with a couple of garden visits. I’ve got a shaded woodland border to plan for forest school at work. They’d like something with established plants that will bring in the bees and butterflies. I can have a good bit of fun with that.

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