Six on Saturday: 17.4.21

So last weekend we went out to the garden centre for the first time in months. I wanted some manure to mulch the roses with. It was pretty quiet now people have a few more options opening up to them.


So in at number 1, what we actually went for. One bag of manure has been spread around the base of my couple of roses. The main Charles DeMills has had a good thick mulch. Help with water retention as well as the bit of feed it gives.

Bulb purchases

I let Alice make choices with the bulbs each year and she went for this Dahlia Addison June. I’m not a fan of ball dahlias as they offer less to wildlife but I like to keep Alice involved in the garden so it was her choice. I picked an Astrantia. Primadonna is a pale pink one. So far my astrantias seem to have done well and I like a plant that flowers for a good period.

Outdoor rug

We got an outdoor rug to go with the seating area. The patio is concrete and it’s not the most attractive looking set up so this at least covers it up.


The camellia is looking pretty poor. It’s had a few years to settle and I still don’t like it, so it is going to be going. It was a gift but it’s not to my taste. The space can be used better.

Here you can see one flower looks lovely while one looks horrible. Frost damaged and curling. The majority look the worse for wear. It’s not worth keeping and I can place something in with a longer season of interest that can benefit me and the sildlife for a longer period.

Acer ‘going green’

This is another failing plant. One long branch of this is looking dead. I’m not going to abandon this quite yet. However, it is going to be significantly reduced in height cutting this branch off. I know I shouldn’t bother with Acers as they don’t suit my conditions but they are one I like to persist a bit longer with.

Tesco’s tulips

These were cheap Tesco tulips 3 or 4 years ago. They were some of the first I planted and have come back nicely each year. They had an odd name like aelectric and I’ve not seen them since.

Been a busy week at work. I’ve taken on more hours and I’ve covered a few extra hours on top of that so glad of a rest. Though it has been a nice week back. Hope you’re all keeping well and have got to enjoy some of the sun this week.

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6 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 17.4.21”

  1. I have the same on my acer and every year in January or February I cut off the dead branches. Not too short though. New shoots will arrive on the sides. It’s now 3m tall.


  2. Too bad about the camellia. You could try potting it in ericaceous compost in a sheltered spot. Or just give it to someone who would appreciate it. Life is too short for pity plants!


  3. My camellia is in a container with ericaceous soil and doing well, though like yours the flowers do get damaged by the wind and cold. Perhaps you could pot it up and prune it and give it away. Tulips that return are great value!


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