Six on Saturday: 10.4.21

It’s been a funny old week. We had a glorious weekend last week followed by a week of cold weather. I have got a few jobs done during my school holiday though not as much as I’d like. But, I have completed my next RHS assignment on design. Not feeling great about this one as I think I may have misinterpreted the questions. We’ll see when I get feedback.

Fun in the sun

So last weekend was Easter Sunday so we had our Easter egg hunt. Normally we would see see family but it’s not a possibility this year. Alice still had a good hunt. The Easter Bunny may have gone overboard on the eggs, so I didn’t put them all out and she still had a very full basket by the end.

Taking stock of her hunt.

Sun lounger

Amy bought herself a new sun lounger which was immediately claimed by Alice. You can see the difference in the weather to now. Dress, no sleeves, no hat, no multiple layers.


Alice relocated a ribbon stick she made last year and had a good dance around the garden.

Random seeds

I gave Alice some of the seeds from the draw that can be direct sown to scatter. This fills gaps in the border and gave me some interesting surprises last year. The blackball cornflowers were quite pretty last year so hopefully they’ll do well again.

Ballerina tulips

The tulips are going strong now. I think these are ballerina tulips though the photo makes them look redder than they really are. There are patches of these coming along the border. It seems to have come back strongly.


And from glorious sun to snow. It came down pretty quickly for a period on Tuesday, though it didn’t settle. The wind was pretty strong and the garden is all looking very dry now. We haven’t had any of the forecast rain this week and the garden could probably do with a good shower. There is some forecast but I think I’m going to need to start watering the front again. I’ve been watering some of the more tender plants as it helps protect them from the frost a bit. When the leaves have a fine layer of water it provides a bit of insulation and slows the thawing a bit. Don’t know how much truth there is in this but can’t see it’ll do much harm.

Hope your week has been good. I return to work next week and I’m taking on a few more hours. So, a little less garden time but a bit more time to make use of the nursery polytunnel.

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11 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 10.4.21”

    1. The daffs at the pack seem to grow strong. I’ve dug patches up over the last few years planting other things but they seem to come back happy. Take a bit too long for the foliage to die down and gets in the way of other things coming through. I’d be better with shorter but can never be bothered to dig them out and replace.

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  1. Here too there were snowflakes, but it was not hurtful for the garden. On the other hand, the night frosts were much more dramatic throughout France. As for my garden, I will see the results in a few weeks but already the wisteria and my hydrangeas have all the buds which have been blasted….

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  2. Alice looks so happy with her ribbon stick, sunlounger and Easter eggs. It’s lovely that you allow her to scatter seeds about. I bet it’ll throw up some great effects.


  3. Ballerina is a reliable returner as is Whittallii if you can get hold of any. And I was happy to see my Belle Epoque return this year in a pot that was made up for spring 2019.


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