Six on Saturday: 13.3.21

Well, I made it out into the garden a few times last week. Got a few jobs done. The front garden is largely weeded so now need to do a bit more work on the back garden. Lots coming up now.

1. Science week

This week in the nursery the topic has been flowers. I’ve done a few activities with the kids, sowing some seeds, sketches and we tried food colouring in the carnations water. Red and yellow didn’t take, but the blue has given them some edging.

2. Bleeding heart

Or Lamprocapnos spectabilis for those of you who remember the new name. I like the fresh growth of these. They come up as strange bony fingers and spread. The leaf colour stands out amongst the darker heuchera and ophiopogon.

3. Crocus Joan of Arc

I had doubted their existence a few weeks back. It didn’t look like many of these were coming back in the front garden. But I’m glad to say many of them are poking up now. The first bees have been coming in to enjoy.

4. Snowdrop planting

The lack of signs of crocus at the start of the month had led to me ordering more snowdrops from Gee-Tee bulbs as they snowdrops were coming up stronger. We got 100 nivalis into the ground last weekend. It sounds like a lot but it isn’t really when you put a few to a hole. Alice helped plant them and then we gave them a good water as it had been dry for a few weeks. This has, of course, meant it has rained all week since.

5. Mud kitchen

And we got to play in the mud kitchen for the first time in a few months. Despite her face in the photo she was actually enjoying herself.

6. Iris reticulata ‘George’

I think this has been one of my favourite of the early irises. The dark colouring and patterning is gorgeous. I planted these in pots and in the planters at work, so these are on display as the hundreds of parents and kids come around the site. Pretty little morning treat for those who notice.

Forecast is pretty grim for today with rain and wind. The rain I can stand but the wind is a hazard for sorting roses. So may give that a miss today. We are looking at frogs next week at work so I’m preparing the activities while Alice trials playing with it all. I went in the garden at night earlier in the week and could hear them all croaking away. I hope you all have good weekends whatever you are up to.

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19 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 13.3.21”

  1. There is mud play here this week, but I think you little gardener has a much more exciting potting bench than mine. I guess the little artist will be out drawing the flowers on the snowdrops next year.

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  2. I was surprised to see Joan of Arc’s name in English but it sounds good too. (Here in France it’s “Jeanne d’Arc”) and she died in the dungeon of my hometown.
    Very pretty Iris ‘George’ ! I don’t have any so dark

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It sells over here under both names. Some I have are Jeanne, some Joan. Stands out well in the shaded front garden and quite good clumps coming up.
      I think the dark colour of George is part of the attraction that it stands out from my others. Sadly doesn’t seem to coincide with the lighter ones like Katherine’s gold for contrast. But can’t have everthing.

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    1. There are 3 different bleeding hearts in the front garden. I think that one gets the most light so is furthest on. Done 100 snowdrops for home and another 100 for the forest school at work. Should do for starters.


  3. The food dye worked well, and the kids must have loved that experiment. I really like the variegated foliage of the crocus, and the deep colours of the George iris. It looks as if Alice is having great fun in the garden with the snowdrops and the mud kitchen.


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