Six in Saturday: 6.3.21

Hello all, lacking a bit in garden motivation currently but also lacked for time with sorting things for Alice. But got some jobs we need to get on with so looking to get out today. The garden is looking alright but it is in need of some weeding. I’m not planting much currently for reasons I’ll go into later.

1. Alice’s birdwatch prizes

Alice won prizes from Nest Friends and Learning Resources for her efforts in the Big Garden Birdwatch. She won a series of prizes including a wildlife camera that shows photos of animals from around the world. Last weekend I set them up as a tray around Australia and the pilot Amy Johnson (my wife became Amy Johnson when we married) as one of the camera locations is Australia. My continuing efforts to interest Alice in animals remains part of the plan for engaging her in wildlife and the garden.

The camera was the main prize and it shows animal photos and then tells you facts about them. Pretty cool though probably not something I’d think of buying so nice to win.

2. Seagulls

The seagulls are causing damage again. They have tipped over a pot of tulips. I’ve pushed them back in but too late for some. They’ve been shredded. The battle with the seagulls has been ongoing through the last year as they’ve become more destructive through lockdowns while they’ve had less fish and chips. I won’t be planting much for a while as they are trying to pull things out.

3. Red Riding Hood tulips

I always remark on them but Red Riding Hood tulips are mainly remarkable for their foliage. While they’ve been chewed on they are great.

4. Sedum, that isn’t sedum anymore

This changed name but that’s irrelevant. It will be known as sedum for a good while. I like the tight rosettes of the leaves. Normally these get the Chelsea chop but that is going to be confusing with Chelsea moving to the Autumn.

5. Daffodils

The first of the daffodils are out. Most of my daffs are cheap mixed bags and are nameless.

6. Fake flowers

Alice wanted to buy a flower arranging craft kit from Amazon. She has saved up some money but the set she wanted looked like things we could make easily. So a burst with the glue gun, die-cut flowers and some garden wire and we have a set of fake flowers.

She rearranged it a couple of times and it looks pretty enough. It’ll do for an occasional activity alongside doing the real thing.

I’ve had a delivery of snowdrops in the green so whether the seagulls are being destructive or not I’m going to need to get on with planting them. Wish me luck.

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15 thoughts on “Six in Saturday: 6.3.21”

  1. Sorry to hear about your seagull problems – they sound worse than the squirrels and magpies we have contend with. I think the cheap mixes of daffodils do just as well as anything else. Also, if it’s a mixed bag, the different varieties result in a longer flowering period šŸ™‚

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    1. Got them in apart from a couple put to the side for Alice. 100 sounds a lot but isn’t really when you put a few to a hole. But it’ll bulk it out for next year. The snowdrops seem the happiest of the bulbs. Liking the shade and clay.

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  2. It’s very un PC but I hassle our seagulls off the roof with a laser pointer, I don’t want them nesting there again. They really don’t like it. They never come down into the garden though, they’re clearly not stupid. They still only have about 10% of the malevolence of crocs though.

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    1. I’m sure plenty do worse than the laser pointer. Most of the pots are well weighted and I’ve don’t have much newly planted. But they’ve even be attacking solar lights. It’s things they must realise are no good for nesting or food.


      1. Ours do most of their feeding at the council landfill site which is just a few miles away, they just come back here to breed and roost. The really nasty ones are in the seaside towns like Looe and St Ives. Ours a health hazard in a different way.


  3. I had no idea seagulls were so destructive to gardens. Hopefully the fish and chip brigade will return to divert them soon but you’re probably wise to hold off too much planting. I’m intrigued by Jim’s laser pointer…

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    1. They shred metal feeders. I have most on log poles and they still get them over when desperate enough. Then their are the abandoned seagull chicks every year wandering around slowly dieing in a month.


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