Six on Saturday: 20.2.21

I know a lot of people find this time of year depressing as they wait for spring to return. Garden literature often bad mouths February but I think there is actually quite a lot to enjoy currently. The snowdrops are still out and the crocus emerging. Daffodils will be following soon. The spread of irises coming into flower is breathtaking. The hellebores are looking tatty but still giving a few blooms. Mahonia are in flower around town. There is lots to enjoy and finding six things in the garden is becoming easier again. I actually had to choose between options rather than scraping the barrel. If you fancy taking part check the founder’s blog. I’ve not really read through everyone else’s the last few weeks while suffering with Covid but getting my concentration back.

1. Galanthus, possibly nivalis pleniflorus Flore Pleno

I’m going to upset all the galanthophiles with this possibly incorrect identification. I only have a handful of different varieties of snowdrops so I should really know. I think is my only double. I know I have Galthus woronowii and elwesii kicking about but they are both singles I think. I shouldn’t really upset the snowdrop lovers as I know they can be a bit fanatical, so sorry if I’m wrong here. It is pretty but apart from being bigger than my others it doesn’t look much different unless lifted to inspect.

2. Crocus

This is the first crocus I’ve spotted in flower. I mainly have yellow and purple in the back garden and white in the front. They are looking a bit bedraggled after the snow but glad to see some returning and some in the lawn. I live in the hope they will spread to give the early bees a food supply.

3. Sunrise

We have had a good run of stunning sunrises over the garden this week. And having a four-year-old I have been awake for all of them despite it being our holiday. No sleeping in for us.

4. National nest box week

It is the BTO’s national nest box week. I haven’t added any new boxes this year as previous ones are still in good condition, look clean and haven’t been used. I have seen a few birds, mainly tits, inspecting. But, I don’t think any are moving in. Alice has got another build a nest box kit to do, which I’m aiming to get done today with her.

5. Nesting material

I have put out some nesting material. We have been crafting lots this half term and had little scraps of felting and yarn. I don’t know if they will use it but if they do we’ll have some colourful nests.

6. Iris reticulata ‘harmony’

Or it could be rhapsody. They were cheap Tesco purchases a few years ago. As with last weeks, they are in pots with the hostas. Iris flowers and shrivels and then the hosta comes up. They seem to be co-existing harmoniously anyway. The first to open came out in the rain and looked a bit weighed down.

But as they’ve all opened they are looking very pretty.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my six. Lots more to come over the next few weeks. We’ve got many more Irises to enjoy. Crocus coming out. Daffodils on the way. Lots to take pleasure in. I’m going to enjoy my weekend off before the return to work. Hope you are all keeping well.

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21 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 20.2.21”

  1. I think February is a glass half full/empty situation. You can spend it feeling miserable about the weather, or you can look for signs of spring and appreciate what’s on offer. Glad to see you’re in the latter camp!

    The Irises look fantastic – I definitely need to get some for next year! All looking good; thanks for sharing.

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  2. I’m with you on your identification of the snowdrop and it is one of the very best in the garden. It’s been around since the early 1700s so it has proved itself a good grower!

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      1. The ones that grow are the best ones and, Murphy’s Law, the pests will always seek out the rarest and most expensive ones first! Always!

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  3. The winter months are difficult for those who lack light and are depressed. But the hard part is over now that the days are getting longer. March arrives and the plants are waking up…!
    Very pretty Irises photographed

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  4. I like February too. It is a short month, the days grow longer, the late winter flowers begin to open and there are newborn lambs gambolling in the fields around me. Just a pity about the rain and the wind! You seem to have had some lovely weather looking at that sunrise.

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    1. I’m not particularly bothered about replacing my bird boxes as they seem to find enough natural spots in the ivy hedge and next door has several gutters and pipes that aren’t connected to anything they nest in. I also feed them a lot and they like a little distance from food supply.


  5. I remember those early morning wake up calls! Now I have to nag them to get up at all. It’s great to actually have a few things to chose between when making up a post. I found myself in that position too for the first time this week. The iris look lovely and it’s a clever idea to double them up with the hosta in the pots.

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  6. I’m glad to read you’re feeling better. It can’t have been easy coping with Covid and entertaining a four year old as well.
    Of course February is entirely different for us, but it can be sapping as well. This year though, it has been quite cool for our parts. I guess it’s equivalent to our August…. the month before Spring officially starts.
    Your Irises are looking lovely. Mine hardly did anything last Spring, so I’m enjoying NH ones.


  7. So sorry to hear about your Covid infection. I hope it doesn’t drag on for you … February’s one of my favourite months of the year – and good to have the snowdrop ID from you and Paddy. The iris reticulata are superb – better still your capture of the great tit (?) inspecting a potential new residence!

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