Six on Saturday: 30.1.21

Well, this week has been spent at home. I tested positive for Covid at the start of the week. I didn’t show a lot of the common symptoms but I had a splitting headache and I was very achey. I seem to have been let off lighter than many others. My head is still hurting but I have still been able to move within the confines of our house. Sadly, this means I haven’t got to teach beetles this week. It has meant I’ve been home schooling Alice again but she is happy with this situation. This weekend is the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch. I’ve wanted to involve Alice each year and tried to make it an event so even though we are stuck isolating at home we can still create happy memories. The birdwatch helps keep Alice interested in the garden and help teach her care for our world.

1. Robin gingerbread

We can’t do a birdwatch without snacks. I picked up a reduced Christmas baking kit a few weeks back but these would be easy enough to make without. The kit contained a gingerbread mix that you just added golden syrup and butter too. You cut a circle for the robin and a smaller circle for the breast. A hardboiled sweet went in the hole and this melted when baked to fill the circle.

The sweet didn’t come out that red, but I think they are quite cute.

2. Fat candles

Before we went into isolation I brought some lard back from work. We have an eco pantry where we get donated food the supermarkets know they won’t sell and we ended up with an abundance of lard. Fat candles are dead simple to make. Melt lard or suet in the microwave. About a minute will do. Mix in seed, raisins, grated cheese, seed, whatever you have available. Put a piece of sting in a cup and spoon the mix in around it. Put it in the fridge to set and then you can pull it out once set. This is easier with paper cups where you can cut them off. We didn;t have any in so I had to scrape it out a bit.

Off all the different home made bird feeders I’ve made over the years these are the most popular. The Cheerio feeders are largely left, the bottle feeders swing around too much. But I carry on making them with Alice as they help to engage her with the garden and the birds.

3. Bird hide

We used Alice’s den kit she got for Christmas to make a bird hide. It is not the most subtle with the red sheets but it was what we have spare.

4. I spy

I bought Alice the I spy birds book for the occasion. These are published on many themes to suit different children’s interests. You tick off as you see the birds. They each have a score. When they have reached set scores they can send them in for a certificate and a badge.

5. A robin reward

I’ve wanted to try to make the bird watch a memorable experience. While on lockdown we don’t get the chance to go out and visit places but we can still make lasting happy memories at home. So I ordered this fused glass robin to give Alice as a souvenir, something to remember it by, for when we’ve finished our birdwatch.

6. More snacks

We’ve made more chocolate nests following on from nest work. These are particular decadent with milky bar cookie chocolate and honey nut cornflakes. I’m not a big eater of chocolate preferring savoury options but these are particularly good.

The birdwatch results will follow. I’m expecting a dip from previous years due several circumstances. Lockdown means we have more seagulls in the garden as they are lacking fish and chips. These scare off many of the other birds. Also, our next door but one neighbours have had one of the tallest trees cut down. This was a perch many of the birds used before coming down onto our feeders. So, I’m expecting good numbers of gulls and pigeons but I have less expectations for the smaller birds. But we’ll see. I’ve got most of next week in isolation to recover. Hopefully get my head back to a point where it doesn’t hurt. My concentration is pretty low so sorry if I’m not reading your posts. I’m pretty restless. In the meantime, I am planning activities for children who are off home schooling. Next week’s topic is rainbows. Alice is very excited for this topic whereas I have less enthusiasm for it. They look pretty but serve no purpose so I’m looking for some hook to engage me. I hope you are all keeping well and staying safe. Enjoy your weekends.

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33 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 30.1.21”

  1. Oh gosh!! That is terrible news indeed. I do hope you recover soon! I love your innovative way of still doing the bird count despite being in quarantine! The hide is a very clever idea indeed, and the souvenir is really pretty. I’m sure Alice will love it!

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  2. Wishing you a speedy recovery and well done on your birdwatching activities with Alice. I keep meaning to make fatty bird food but in my garden they always get eaten by the squirrels. I should try again and what better day than today. It’s pouring down here!

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  3. You’re unlucky ! Protect your loved ones so that they don’t catch it, if they haven’t already… I wish you a good recovery and I’m sure that you take advantage of the weekend to read the other Six

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  4. I do hope your headache goes, neither a plaster nor a cuddle can help, these used to solve nearly all aches and pains when our children were young. What a delightful Six-on-Saturday. Enjoy your birdwatch.


  5. Sorry to hear you caught the dreaded virus, do you know how? Hope Amy and Alice keep safe. I take it you are not isolating in your own room with a window open! I’m not bothering with bird watch this year. Rain forecast all weekend and yesterday it was too windy for the feeders.

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    1. Amy and Alice testing negative so hopefully they’ll be fine. They reckon some people spread more than others. I think it’s come through kids at work carrying but not showing symptoms but we’ll never really know. We had rain all day Thursday so hopefully going to be alright for the weekend. Today’s count was down on previous years but I was expecting that.

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  6. I hope you have a fast recovery. I’ve made bird seed cake as well recently. It was ignored during late spring 2020 but I’ve since realised I probably put it out too late in the year for enjoyment. My latest effort is much more appreciated by the small birds this time round. Also doing garden bird watch but have run out of sunflower seeds, which means no finches for me…


  7. Well even though you have had a tough week I think the time spent with Alice and all the birding you’ve been doing with her will stay with her forever! Love the idea of the bird books!


  8. I’m sorry to read that you’ve had covid, but pleased that you’re feeling a bit better…. may the improvement continue. I enjoy reading about all the things you do with Alice: the bird blind is delightful!


  9. Sorry you contracted the dreaded COVID and hope the headache doesn’t last too long. It is lovely to see all the interesting activities you are doing with your daughter. I still remember making bird cakes when mine were young
    the Robin fused glass momento for bird week is an excellent idea, as was the hide. I am fascinated by nature and could spend hours observing the birds, gheckos and lizards. Strange but they also observe us from a distance.


  10. Hope you are feeling better, take good care of yourself. This was such a lovely post to read, I hope you are much appreciated as a teacher. I am sure you are as a Dad! A lovely week of activities and the glass Robin is superb! Best wishes.

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    1. Getting better day by day, thanks. Still a bit tight of breath but don’t seem to have had as bad a time as many It’s my first day of being allowed out today so made it for a walk to drop Alice off at school so that’s done be a bit of good.

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