12 Days Wild: Day 9-Ice decorations

Today has not been the most exciting day for Alice. Both me and Amy are preparing for returning to work. I’ve had an online first aid training course to complete, so all set for minor injuries again. So, she has largely played with Lego and completed sticker books. She has particularly enjoyed a dress the dancer’s sticker book. But I have tried to still make time to do a bit of craft with her.

We have collected lots of nature finds over the last few months and I thought we could make a temporary decoration since we took the Christmas decorations down. We arranged a few fruit slices and pine cones and conkers into plastic plates.

The objects were arranged on the plates and then filled with water. Obviously, they float around but we tried to arrange them so they’ll freeze into attractive patterns. If we had a bit more time We could partially fill it, freeze it and then fill with more water to completely incase the objects. But, ultimately they are going to melt away quickly enough.

The ribbons were leftover from presents. They were placed in the water so when it freezes they can be hung up outside and to help pull it out from the plate. Then they went into the freezer. I reckon it will take a day for them to freeze so we’ll see tomorrow where we can hang them. Then can watch as they slowly melt away.

Not the most exciting day for Alice but I’ve got through my course so we can have a more enjoyable last day before I return to work. But it has made use of some of our nature finds before the house gets overrun with pine cones.

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