Six on Saturday: 28.11.20

Alice has still been off school part of this week so the garden has largely been neglected but the small time we’ve had on garden jobs has been enjoyable.

1. Breakfast birdwatch

On Wednesday we had Alice’s last day of home-schooling before her year group reopened. It has been closed after another child tested positive. But they’ve had their isolation period and she can return. I posted last week that we have been doing breakfast birdwatches but I wanted to post about it again as she drew such lovely pictures.

We have found a lot of feathers through the week on the lawn. I need to set up the trail camera to see what is responsible. It may just be birds scrapping or it could be the neighbour’s cat or the sparrowhawk.

And a mouse fallen victim. As we have remains left I suspect the cat as the sparrowhawk would have taken it.

2. Sparrowhawk

I did spy the sparrowhawk catch a sparrow last week. It zoomed in and snatched one and was out. I just managed a picture through the window before it was off. But I’m not sure it’s responsible for all the damage.

3. Sprouts

The sprouts were devastated by caterpillars earlier in the year but wasps then devoured them all and they have recovered. I’m not sure if we’ll have a crop for Christmas but it would be nice.

4. Front garden lights

Friday would have been the Christmas light turn on in my town. But they haven’t had the chance to raise the money this year so they are lower key. So, there has been a community push to place lights outside peoples own homes. In the front garden, I have used some solar-powered wire LEDs. They have a backup battery for dull days. I have stuck to the white lights in the front garden.

5. Back garden lights

In the back garden, we have lots of battery-operated coloured lights. I’m using rechargeable batteries as they do need recharging a few times over the month they are up.

6. Iris unguicularis ‘Walter Butt’

This is an Algerian Iris that normally flowers January to February time. I’d bought two varieties earlier in the year as I’d been taken by other peoples. It’s nice to have a flower in that winter window where little else is flowering. But this seems to have got started early.  These are flowering at the base of the stems so I don’t know if I’ll get some larger ones in future years.

We will be going out of lockdown next week and into Tier 3 lockdown so there won’t be any changes for us. But seeing as we are both still working, Alice is at school and the garden centre is still open it doesn’t really affect my life much. I hope you are all keeping well.

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17 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 28.11.20”

  1. I commend you on your tremendous home-schooling work, a chara. You do a remarkable job. Alice is such a lucky little girl!
    Lucky you too that the garden centre is open. I’m feeling deprived. Also, you’ve nudged me to et solar Christmas Garden lights. Have a great week.

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  2. I love to see the Algerian iris come into flower at this time of year. They are so delicate and loved by slugs so I always pick the flowers to enjoy them indoors. ‘Walter Butt’ has always been the most reluctant to flower regularly here but ‘Mary Barnard’ and ‘Kilbroney Marble’ always produce a sprinkle of flowers over a long period.

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    1. These have all got multiple modes from epileptic fit mode to slow glow. I’ve got them all set for slow modes or it becomes a bit hectic. I think I’ll probably get more flowers from the iris over the next few months but we’ll see.


  3. From what I see in your photos, you should still have something from Brussels on your plate at Christmas!,
    I sprayed mine with Bacillus Thuringiensis at the summer to avoid caterpillars. Effective !
    I can do nothing against the wasps on the other hand.

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    1. To be fair I don’t mind the wasps. They come in spend a couple of days stripping the garden of pests and go. Don’t do any harm to anything I’m growing. We’ve had growing numbers of butterflies each year so they are still surviving so all good balance.

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  4. You’ve done a splendid job with your Christmas illuminations. I can imagine a light trail in your neighbourhood. And I love your sparrowhawk picture. I’m sure it’s responsible for some of your feathers but it’s got to eat I guess?

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  5. When I find feathers in my front yard, it’s the neighborhood cats. In the backyard it’s probably owls. I once found a large raptor (based on its talons) without a head. I am told that’s owl. How fun to do a birdwatch! Tell Alice I love her illustrations! She’s going to miss homeschooling!

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  6. What a great idea for the community to ‘supply’ the Christmas lights. It will create a really festive atmosphere. I like your light displays in both gardens. I have to confess that I have solar powered lights in the garden all year round, with more Christmassy ones during December. Good to hear you will be moving into tier 3 lockdown next week.

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