Six on Saturday: 21.11.20

We have had another week of balancing work and homeschooling. Alice’s year group was closed due to a positive Covid case. Amy and I are tag-teaming on the homeschooling. I teach Alice for the morning then Amy comes back to take over and I’ve headed into work. This hasn’t left much time for gardening. We planted up a few tulips in pots and emptied a few of the dahlia pots for storage. But largely the garden has been neglected. That said, there is still lots looking good out there.

Geranium oxonianum

I believe this is a form of geranium oxonianum though I don’t know which. It was passed on by one of my aunts. There are little pockets of these flowers dotted along the borders. A reliable no-fuss plant.

2. Dahlias

We have had a few chillier nights and the dahlias are starting to show the strain. I was hoping for dahlias in December but they are looking to be giving up now.

3. Euphorbia characias subsp wulfenii

I picked this up just before lockdown reduced as it will soon shrivel up. It’s a nice variegated form of spurge that should give spectacular lime green flowers next year. It’ll need to be in a pot to give it the dry conditions it needs.

4. Ox-eye daisies

A few tatty daisies are in flower here and there. While they aren’t providing any sort of decent display the few pollinators still active will appreciate them.

5. Charity hydrangea

I picked this up from outside a house during our daily exercise walk in the first lockdown. They were outside a house and just asking for a donation. They seem to open quite green before quickly shifting to pink.

6. Breakfast birdwatch

I have largely stuck to teaching Alice traditional school lessons to keep her ticking over while she’s off school. A big focus on her phonics, reading and writing but I have included a little burst of nature contact with taking part in the breakfast birdwatch. We aren’t getting much variety currently but we are getting large numbers of sparrows and various pigeons. The sparrowhawk has come through a few times sending everything scattering but the crows usually turn up to mob it. I find I take more bird photos in winter as with the trees bare it becomes easier to get shots.

Alice goes back to school at the end of next week so going to be playing catchup on jobs after that. I am currently working through my RHS unit on pests and diseases so I am seeing signs of damage everywhere that would normally be neglected. I have enjoyed having the extra time with Alice but it has been tough balancing both our jobs and home life. Hope you are all keeping well and finding some solace in gardens and the outside world.

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11 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 21.11.20”

  1. Yes, I think we must all make sure we keep the bird feeders topped up now. Your euphorbia looks very nice but I don’t risk growing them since I know someone who had a bad reaction to them a few years ago. Those gulls make me think that they have blood on their beaks with that red blob. I’m sure Alice has done very well with her home schooling, I hope she enjoys going back next week.

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  2. I don’t know how parents are supposed to cope if their kids have to isolate, they can’t keep having two weeks off work and with hundreds of children in school bubbles this can happen numerous times. My birds seem to be messy feeders, they spill a lot on the ground!

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    1. The local authority advice is parents have to split the childcare 50/50 and it goes as unpaid leave. Both our workplaces have been alright about it and I’m making up the time going into the nursery to make up the time next week. I’ve also been working extra hours while other staff have had to take time off for their childcare so should all balance out. But it’s annoying when if we were in another sector we would be on furlough at home. Some people won’t be able to manage leading to people not following the rules.
      I have trays under each of the feeders to catch some of the mess but always have some. Even when I’ve bought mess free mixes. We’ve had the sparrowhawk in twice that I’ve seen today though and the neighbours cat so they are all keeping their heads down right now.

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  3. Beautiful sparrow shots. For some reason I never see them in our garden although there are plenty in the fields and hedgerows nearby. I put seed on the ground as I know they are ground feeders but we have some big bully magpies that scare them off. It’s a shame but we’re fortunate to have lots of other birds to look at.

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  4. Very nice happenings in your garden. I’m sure you’re doing great with Alice, as you always have so many wonderful enrichment activities for her anyway. I homeschooled for many, many years. Of course, I didn’t have to juggle work at the time.

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    1. I don’t think anyone really knows what’s going on with our lockdown that isn’t really a lockdown. Schools still open until positive cases, essential shops open but almost everything has been classed as essential. I don’t reckon enough are following the rules to have much impact. All a bit of a mess.

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