Six on Saturday: 24.10.20

We’ve made it to half-term. A week ahead with the family. We’ve got a few days out planned. Possibly a garden visit or two. I should get a chance to get back up to date on garden jobs and put the patio back in order after the building work.

1. Autumn wreath

Amy attended an autumn wreath workshop last weekend. The end result is now hung on the door. I think she did a pretty good job. It’s a nice sight to be welcomed home to.

2. Rose scarlet Paul

This climbing rose isn’t generally a repeat flowerer but it has managed to produce a couple of new buds. A pleasant surprise hidden at the back of the border.

3. The lawn

After a grumble about the lawn last week I got on and gave it a cut and edge. It has been left to grow for the last month or two while the building work was going on. It was quite overgrown and is still looking tufty but better than it was. I will look at giving it a good scarify and seeding again with an autumn grass mix.

4. Late dahlias-orange

Another of my seed grown dahlias has kicked into gear and flowered. I think this might be its first burst of the year. Better late than never. I think this was one of the cactus mix dahlias.

5. Bishop’s children dahlia

Another seed grown dahlia that has been slow to flower but it is another beauty. I may leave it in the ground to see if the tuber can have a chance to bulk out.

6. Potentilla ‘William Rollison’

I bought a few plants on an offer at the garden centre. As there was a discount on buying several perennials I let Alice choose one. She went with this Potentilla. Not really something I’ve ever considered before. Part of the rose family it’ll make change from my daisy family rich borders. The flowers are similar to strawberry flowers but semi-double and bright orange. They are apparently liked by bees.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks six. I’m looking forward to getting the time to do a few garden jobs this week. Enjoy your weekends.

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27 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 24.10.20”

  1. I admire anyone who can produce a festive wreath, no matter what season it celebrates. Amy’s done a grand job – that one is truly beautiful.

    You’ve done well with your seed-grown dahlias – I have one tuber-grown dahlia that has one bud only and no sign of it flowering.


  2. I also saw potentillas at the garden center, they were cheap and I hesitated but I didn’t find them beautiful enough and yours is much better! I bought a loropetalum (nothing to see😂) which was half the price! I will present it next week

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    1. I’m not that keen on the potentilla but I like to give her fairly free choice unless she’s going for something I know will hate our clay soil or sea winds. May well end up being removed some point or potted in her section of the patio.

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  3. I love the wreath, really beautiful. My compliments to Amy. Midterm – a past memory for me as I am ten years retired from teaching. However, two sons following my example (poor things!) and are on mid-term at present also. I have worried about them in school during this pandemic and feel I can enjoy the midterm anew this year. Third son must work away, one of the essential ones.

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  4. The autumn wreath looks lovely and welcoming. Christmas one coming up? 😊 I purchased a potentilla a couple of years ago, but sadly it didn’t make it through the first hot summer, so I can’t really comment on the flowers.
    The leaves on my dahlias are just making an appearance! Hopefully they’ll still be there when the present rainy system passes. Lots of snails about!

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    1. Amy is booked in for a Christmas one so hopefully bit will be able to go ahead.
      I’m not too concerned if the potentilla lasts. Just trying to keep Alice interested in the garden by her having a vested interest in the plants by letting her in on the decisions.


      1. I’m sure yours won’t die in the heat! It’s lovely the way you’re keeping Alice involved in the garden.


  5. Gosh! That wreath is exquisite! Love the colours in amongst the foliage! What are the little pumpkin-like orange things she used? Lovely selection of dahlias there, and Alice’s choice of perennial looks interesting. The leaves definitely have the rose look. I don’t know the plant.


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