Six on Saturday: 1.8.20

This week I have largely left the garden to its own devices. Just keeping up with cutting the sweet peas has been enough work. The weather has been back and forth between torrential rain and the hottest day of the year. I have been working on building a new shed between days of rain. It would have been finished yesterday but Alice hurt her foot. We had a trip to minor injuries and it looks like she has just strained it. She’s got a few days rest ahead. The last few weeks I’ve done slightly different six on Saturday posts with one on photography and one on my RHS course. This week I am returning to the more usual format with some stunning flowers. If you fancy taking part in six on Saturday check out the guide.

1. Lily

My lilies were obliterated last year by lily beetles. I remembered someone, possibly Bob Flowerdew, talking about how they got attacked less in the shade. So I moved the bulbs from the pots into the shade. They have all made it to flowering this year.

2. Tomatoes

We have our first tomatoes of the year, possibly moneymaker. Grown outside but started back in February and grown inside on a windowsill initially. Alice was very excited about cutting them, but not bothered about eating them. She did enjoy our lettuce and broad beans that went alongside.

3. Yellow Bishop’s Child

Another Bishop’s Children dahlia has come into flower. This one is a stunning yellow with a nice burnt colour centre. The beeshave been loving this one.

4. Butterflies

We have had tons of white butterflies which I think is probably down to the veg patch. I did have it netted for the birds but the butterflies could still fit through. My sprouts have become a breeding ground for them. I’d stop them but I quite like having the mass of butterflies so it looks like I’m now cultivating butterflies rather than sprouts.

We’ve also started seeing a few other varieties in the garden with red admirals, commas, holly blue and this peacock butterfly coming in.

5. Dragonflies

Along with the butterflies, I ‘ve also seen a few more dragonflies coming in the garden hovering around the patio. I managed the one photo, though not a very exciting one, while it rested momentarily on the fence.

6. Dahlia-Table Dancer

This was purchased last year at the Floral Hall plant sale. There won’t be any plant sale this year, but the church has got its horticulture show competition. I think if I was to enter one vase of dahlias it will probably be this one. I’ve never entered a church horticulture show before but I quite like the quaint aspect of it. If I can keep my sweet peas going I may try a vase of them as well.

I think my garden comes to fruition in late summer. The passionflowers are flourishing, the dahlias are all getting going, the lilies and gladioli are coming out. They’ll be lots to enjoy over the next month. Hope you all have super weekends.

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16 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 1.8.20”

  1. You have many lovely flowers in your garden and I’m glad you’ve seen more butterflies. Not sure why they’re not in evidence here. Only whites and Red Admirals in the garden.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s only the last week more seem to have come out. I’ve had a few more holly blues around today and dragonflies flying past me while I put the shed roof on. But I think I’m going to try and do more of a concentrated butterfly patch next year. Some nectar rich plants alongside the nettles and bramble patch.

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  2. Very pleased that your lily survived to flowering – it was well worth it as it is a beautiful flower. Sorry to hear about Alice’s foot. She will be back up and running soon, I’m sure. I loved to see the insects, especially the peacock butterfly. It is beautiful!


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