30 Days Wild: Day 28 pirate beach

After an evening of thunder and rain, it wasn’t looking too hopeful. I got out early for a jog while there was just a light drizzle. We are looking to live in a place where we can run under trees, alongside fields and along the seafront. As the weather was pretty miserable we figured we would be safe enough to go to the beach without experiencing Bournemouth style crowds. The Floral Hall gardeners have been back at work and doing a good job. The asters and dianthus looking particularly fine.

Though Alice was most excited for the poppies.

On the beach, Alice decided it was a pirate beach and we needed to look for treasure.

And jump along the edge.

The tide was right out today and the sky filled with ominous clouds.

We walked back around and through the memorial gardens.

And we got a bit of rain so Alice got a chance to use her umbrella. She’s been desperate for chances to use it.

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