30 Days Wild: Day 19-Animal rescue

Well, yesterday was National Picnic Day but the weather was horrible so I’m glad we went out the day before. So we’ve had a wet day inside. Alce was kindly gifted a new kids kindle by her granddad. Part of the deal is you get kids unlimited in the first year giving you access to lots of children’s books. We’ve read through lots of the National Geographic kids books. Alice particularly liked the underwater ones while I liked the one on bees. She’s taken some of it in as she was telling me later how some bees are social and some are solitary. Though struggling to say solitary.

Then it seems to have been a day of animal rescue. The bees are very washed out so needing a sugar water boost.

We have had a seagull chick fall out of the nest. This happens pretty much every year. They are not about to win parenting awards. The advice is to put back on a roof if possible and see if the parents are feeding them. I’m not sure this one will be long for this world but we’ll see. Alice is excited to check in on it.

During lockdown, the environment bill is being discussed. It is looking to be pretty weak on any long term commitment to the environment. The RSPB have set up a form to message your local MP. My local MP Graham Stuart has never responded to me in several years of messaging him about various issues. But I figure more and more people are becoming environmentally aware so any pressure placed on MPs will let them now they need to prioritise.


It just takes a minute to complete and the more people who do it the more of a message it sends.

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