30 Days Wild: Day 18-Picnic on the beach

Wednesday is one of our busiest days. Amy has lots of lessons currently and we visit the eco pantry on a Wednesday so we thought we’d squeeze a trip out at dinner time and eat our dinner down on the beach. With a sea fret coming in, grey clouds and shops now open we thought it might be quieter on the beach again.

The clifftop garden is all in bloom now and looking great. Tons of poppies and geraniums and red hot pokers standing out.

Amy regretted not bringing the macro lens out.

Alice favours the red poppies but there are lots of colours now out.

And lots of insects appreciating it.

We’re able to walk along the beach staying a distance away from people and find a spot for a picnic. I’ve talked about it before but eating outside is always nice. It gives that extra feeling of an occasion and the fact that all three of us could make it out was lovely.

As you can see we were able to social distance just fine. There were still quite a lot of people towards the town end but quiet enough I didn’t feel on edge letting Alice play. I needed to go home to get a few bits sorted but Alice and Amy carried on along the beach a bit to look for treasure.

It was nice to get down to the beach again. We haven’t gone for a few weeks since the lockdown rules were relaxed as it had got too busy. The seafront garden has come on a lot and the wildflowers along the cliff edge have all changed in just month. Good to see.

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