Six on Saturday: 13.6.20-Soggy week

Well, it’s been a busy week of 30 Days Wild activities and a wet one. It has rained most of the week. So between rain and homeschooling, I’ve only really done a bit of weeding this week. The lilac needs a prune once the last flowers go over as it’s growing beyond its allotted space. I’ve started the process of pulling out the spring self-seeders. The forget-me-nots and aquilegias are coming out by the handful now. But the dahlias and verbena are almost ready to go in to replace them.

1. Purple clematis

This was established in the garden when I moved in but had got very leggy so I pruned it right back the year before last and it is doing much better. However, it is growing through the Clematis montana ‘Marjorie’ which doesn’t need pruning as often so I may face issues here. Just the one flower currently but a few more dotted around.

2. Goldfinches

The goldfinches have been visiting more often currently as they now have their young coming in with them. I want to encourage them so I’ve got some more sunflower seeds from Haith’s bird food. It was nice to see they’d got rid of their plastic packaging and it came delivered within a sturdy card bag. It’s done the job. As soon as I put it out I had several blue tits, the goldfinches, and a chaffinch in. I hadn’t seen the chaffinches in a while so that was a pleasant sight.

3. Lychnis coronaria

My lychnis started as one small plant and has since self-seeded around.  I like the furry silver leaves as it contrasts well against many of my favoured foliage plants and the hardy geraniums. The small flowers are as vibrant as anything in the garden but looking a bit sorry for themselves at the moment. They get a bit leggy and woody after a few years and look better for being pulled out and letting the new ones take over.

4 Pot combination

This pot combination has been together for a while now and is filling out nicely. The fern is Athyrium niponicum var. pictum metallic, the Japanese painted fern. The hosta lakeside is a small variety growing just 15cm or so. Then the black ophiopogon is evergreen and stays all year.

5. Yellow rose

This yellow rose grows up through the Choisya ternata. I’d quite like to take out the Choisya as it suffers too much during winter and spends the rest of the year recovering but I don’t think I can remove one and not the other. Choisya’s little white flowers are popular with bees. The yellow rose came with the garden. It shoots straight up for light out of the Choisya and forms bright orange flame buds. The roses bright yellow and fade to cream. While I probably wouldn’t have picked a yellow rose it is probably my favourite in the garden.

6. Charles DeMills

Charles DeMills was bought with vouchers I won a few years ago. It did a few flowers in its first year, none last year and looks to have a few more this year. It’s an old rose so I will only get the one burst of flowers each year, but they are rather grand. Large ruffles with a strange flat top.

The rain looks set to continue for a few more days over next week so I’m probably not going to get a mass chance to garden over the next week. But I’ve got a couple of garden books to read and try to get out in the few bursts I can. Don’t forget to check the Propagator’s guide to taking part in Six on Saturday if you fancy taking part and check his blog today to see more links on the comments. Enjoy your weekends.

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13 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 13.6.20-Soggy week”

    1. Thanks, I had plans when I made it that I would have fewer bigger pots with more combinations rather than lots of single specimens. But it’s not happened just carried on filling the patio with pots of every size.


  1. Those goldfinches are delightful. We get plenty singing from the television aerial but they haven’t touched the Niger seeds that I put out for them for months. Perhaps I’ll try sunflower seeds. That rose is beautiful and so unusual.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve found they go for the niger seed for a weeks of the year and then the rest of the year they sit go mouldy so I don’t bother with it very often. Only the finches like it. Other people get continual flocks from it, but it’s been a waste of money for me. The sunflower seeds are enjoyed by more birds. So even when the finches aren’t around the tits and sparrows like them too.


    2. Like Joshua I find the goldfinches only eat the niger seeds occasionally and they are also very wasteful tossing it around! I use sunflower hearts mainly (and they still make a mess) but all the birds seem to love them.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Like Jon last year, I tried to cross two different colours of lychnis : a pale pinkish white and a dark purple. I haven’t seen the results yet but I cross my fingers. Very pretty roses and as always you photograph the birds very well!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m not a massive fan of the roses except my climbers but the yellow is good. Charles is doing well this year. Whereas Cottage maid that I haven’t featured is looking pretty poor. May go if I don’t get a decent show from it.


    1. Charles is great but haven’t got the pruning right. A bit of a messy shape currently.
      The chaffinches are very rare visitors in my garden and the greenfinches even rarer. But seen both so nice to know they are still out there.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I like your Charles as well, but all of my old roses are a bit of a messy shape and need propping up. I’m going to have to do a bit of reading up on it. Is there a particular Margery Fish book you would recommend? I’ve not read anything of hers before.


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