30 Days Wild: Day 13-Plate fish

Alice has been talking about Uncle Richard who works at the Deep a lot this week. And as we live by the sea I felt we should really do a few more 30 days activities around the sea. We started off by reading the beautiful story of the rainbow fish. In the story the rainbow fish has many glittering scales and he learns to be kind and share his scales. I thought it would be nice to make one of the fish he shared his scales too.

We started by using a plate and cutting off most of the edge just leaving a little bit for fins. We got a triangle out for a mouth which we saved for a tail.

We then painted the whole plate. Alice wanted hers all red. If you are doing a job like this get the big brushes out, otherwise the interest goes before they’ve even finished the first part. Then you end up dealing with a sulky child who doesn’t want to do the craft activity you imagined would be wonderful.

We had some sticker eyes to choose from in the craft box but you could use googly eyes, draw it on or cut a circle of white.

We then used a circle hole punch to make lots of scales in colours Alice picked. She then glued them on around her fish.

Then once it had all dried we put the tales on. I think they were pretty effective for a simple craft where Alice could do most of it unaided. She’s happy with it but still more excited for eating our gingerbread from the day before.

We’ve got a few more wet days ahead so looking at a few more days of sticking close to home. So looking at a few more activities inside and in the garden. Got a good list of ideas ready though so should be fine.

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