30 Days Wild: Day 11-Flower card

After a busy day previously and as it was pretty gloomy and wet outside I settled on a quiet day. Alice was keen to make a card for the staff at her nursery. So, I thought we could use the pressed flowers from earlier in the week. We selected a card and an envelope to construct it.

Alice arranged the flowers on the card and we put it in a laminating sheet.

Alice waited eagerly for the sheet to come out.

Alice wrote and drew inside her card.

She’s starting to want to know how to write different words, so I’ve introduced ‘love’ to her. Her fine motor is excellent but still trying to encourage her to mark make more and attempt writing what she wants to put down.

Then we assembled her laminated flowers onto the card with her special tape and she drew some extra flowers for good measure.

I hope the nursery like it. She spent half her time in forest school and half the time in the nursery and she loved it. The staff there have been wonderful and both me and Amy will be sad to see her move up into school having missed the last few months with the staff she loved so much.

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2 thoughts on “30 Days Wild: Day 11-Flower card”

  1. That’s really thoughtful. As a former teacher, I much preferred a home-made card rather than a shop one, while liking the senders equally, of course!


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