30 Days of Wild: Day 8-Den discovery

We started the day with another quick craft activity. We used polymer clay to make a few mini-beast.

We ended up with butterflies, a ladybird on a leaf, a snail and a flower.

Then wrapped up in waterproofs we headed out for our walk.

The seasons are visibly moving on with the elderflower out.

The conkers are forming.

In the park, the bees were placid after all the rain. A mass number were resting on the mallow.

And a few in the meadow area.

Alice was excited to be out with her umbrella again although she didn’t need it again.

A few more painted stones left around.

We made the discovery of a new den. Part of the trees have been cleared and they have been stacked into this rather nice den. A few additional routes seem to have been cut through the wood area. I’m not sure whether this was planned before lockdown or they felt this was needed.

Alice was excited with the discovery.

Though not so keen on Amy asking her for photos.

Though she showed no remorse.

Alice did eventually play along.

A good discovery, but I think we might have tears if we find anyone else in it.

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