Six on Saturday: Day 7-Butterfly life cycle

Well, we’ve had plenty of wind and rain the last day. We’re quite happy heading out in one, but amber weather warnings make a walk through trees less appealing. With all the rain and clouds we have seen plenty of rainbows though. Here was a double rainbow, though only one shows on the photo.

We had a pleasant delivery. Alice won a pack of prizes from National Children’s Gardening Week. She got a giant sunflower kit, stickers, notepad and a £10 garden centre voucher. So that’s rather nice. I don’t feel safe taking her to the garden centre so I may go and pick her something I think she’d like or we’ll leave it until things are a bit safer. But she’s a bit happier with this than her lawnmower prize.

With the wet and windy weather, I settled on an inside random act of wildness for today looking at the lifecycle of the butterfly. We started with making a caterpillar folding two strips of paper back and forth to make a springy caterpillar.

We made the butterflies with the sizzix die cutter. She drew her egg on a leaf.

We crumpled some tissue paper for a chrysalis. For a little factoid moths make cacoons wrapping silk. Butterflies make a chrysalis.

Then assembled all together. From an egg, the caterpillar hatches out, makes its chrysalis and emerges as a butterfly before more eggs are laid.

Then she carried on in the afternoon with Amy. She’s been interested in the planets so they worked together making a mobile of the planets in our solar system. She has lots of questions and is developing a good inquisitive mind. Alice was keen to explain that the planets went around the sun. Then told me a bit about each planet.

As well as Alice’s prize, we also received this lovely mosaic piece from my Aunty. Made by a friend of hers in lockdown raising money for a kidney charity after a kidney transplant. The bee has an M on its thorax for Manchester after the city adopted the bee as its symbol. Lovely don’t you think?

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11 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: Day 7-Butterfly life cycle”

  1. What a lovely post. I love seeing what projects you have with Alice. It brings back such happy memories of my children too. All grown up now. I enjoyed every minute of their childhood.

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    1. It’s nice that we’re getting this time together at such a key point in her life and we’re lucky to have the garden and spots we still feel safe walking to. Trying to make the most of it as once I get a job again I probably won’t get a break like this for a bit.

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      1. I’d like another horticulture job but with everything going on not seen any going. So may need to look at teaching again. But I’m applying for anything right now. Tomato pickers, etc. A few people have said I should advertise as a gardener but I need to work out insurance, etc.

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      2. Gardeners are in very short supply here. There’s always a need. We got our insurance through direct line. Covers indemnity for any damage we might cause to other people’s property. Also covers our machinery and stock. Only costs £110 a year. We get a loyalty discount for having house, car and pet insurance with them. Good luck. Join the garden media guild as a probationary member and try writing too.

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      3. Thanks for the advice. There are quite a lot of gardeners around us, but several I’ve seen at work look like they are doing a rubbish job and there isn’t any shortage of large gardens.

        I’ve been considering looking at writing as a means of revenue I write for a few music mags back at Uni but these days I’d write on gardening, nature and children’s involvement in it. Gradually building a few portfolio pieces as I’ve been featured as guest blogger.

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