Six on Saturday: 6.6.20-Roses and alliums

Well, this week has seen us busy with 30 days wild. We have spent a lot of time in the garden but not so much on gardening except the grow your own. But at the moment it’s nice just to enjoy the mass of flowers coming through. We have had a few good bursts of rain the last few days which is doing the garden a world of good. The water butts should be filling up and the veg patch is moving on from the combination of sun and rain.

1. Rose Paul’s Scarlet Climber

I planted two of these on opposite fences and they are now in their 3rd Summer. The aim was to train them out for the horizontal growth to encourage flowering. I think training is going fairly well. Plenty of flowers all along both with plenty more on the way. A little more training to get another layer along the top of the fence but we have a good number of flowers this year.

On the opposite fence, I’d planned for the combination of the white allium nigrums contrasting with the roses and so far so good.

It’s full of blooms with many more on the way.

2. Allium Nigrum

Here are the Allium nigrums in more detail. I grew a few last year and I liked them so much I’ve added more. They are a nice tall variety growing out of the mass of geraniums. The white is standing out well amongst the mass of greenery. I think I could go for even more of these next year.

3. Chives

The little patch of chives near the driftwood has been bringing in lots of bees. While I can harvest them as a herb and for an edible flower I don’t like to deprive the bees so they end up staying on. I might divide them this year as it’s getting to a good size patch now.

4. New lawnmower and strimmer

I won a new lawnmower courtesy of a Skinny Jeans Gardener competition, or more accurately Alice won a new lawnmower. She was meant to win a toy lawnmower but Flymo sent an actual one and a strimmer. She isn’t too bothered for it so I’m putting it to use. I already had a Flymo but as this one is a bit newer I thought I’d keep this one and I’ve given my old one away. It’s a little smaller than my old one but that makes it easier going over our uneven lawn. I’ve got it set to the highest level currently as that helps with the periods of drought, though we have had the rain this week I doubt will last.

And a strimmer for the lawn edging. I tend to cut parts of the border neat with the brick edging while a few areas I leave longer for the wildlife. It made short work of the edging nice and quick and useful for going around the raised veg bed.

Much neater.

5. Ox-eye daisies

The ox-eye daisies were one of the first flowers I grew from seed on the garden. They now self-seed all over the place. I let them flower, then either cut them back or pull them out. More will replace them. They are named again and again as one of the best for pollinators and always attract a wide range of insects with their easily accessible open flowers.

6. Marigold

The first of the marigolds have opened. A bit ahead of the rest. These self-seed around but I also gave Alice a lot of packs of seed this year that could be sown direct. She has been scattering these around and I look to be getting an abundance of marigolds this year.

The garden is looking great right now but I need to get on with the staking that as usual, I’ve been tardy over. All the wet weather with bursts of sun will have brought the weeds on so I need to try and give the garden a bit more attention. I’ve just completed another RHS assignment which frees up a bit of time. Enjoy your weekends. We’ve got a bit more 30 days fun planned.

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26 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 6.6.20-Roses and alliums”

  1. How exciting for Alice to win a lawnmower and strimmer although I’m sensing you’re probably happier than her! I love your ox-eye patch. Mine didn’t germinate but it was a very old seed packet. I must try again!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We showed her prize. She looked at it told is it wasn’t what she ordered and went back to play with her Lego.
      The ox-eyes I grew direct in a bed and then transferred around. They were good for filling a mass about of border initially for very little cost. Now I’ve filled more of the border I let some self seed each year but not to the same extent.


    2. My pick from your six would be the marigolds. I remember them fondly from my mam’s garden. Also, you’ve prodded me to leave the chives rather than cutting. Have a good week.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m a bit overrun with ox-eye daisies. They are very pretty but they spread a lot … You have to dig them up from time to time.
    Very nice photo of bumblebee foraging chive flowers
    How cool the lawnmower won by Alice ! Congratulations

    Liked by 1 person

  3. How funny to get the “real” lawnmower! I am envious of your new trimmer. I was watching some professionals use theirs this morning while in line at a coffee stand. Mine is terrible. I think I’ve been to cheap about them! Alice is a good sport!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I have some garlic chives and they have white flowers I believe, though mine have never flowered! They often get hidden by Borage and other plants, but I have managed to clear everything around them this year so I am hoping for some flowers at last!


  5. Your rose borders are looking so good – & in 3 short years! I love the white allium w/the red rose. What is the pink climber above the rose in the first photo? It goes really well w/the rose, too.


    1. It’s a Clematis Montana ‘Marjorie’ one of the first double varities they cultivated. It is jsut fading but managing some cross over with the rose. The opposite rose has the neighbours Clematis Montana Mayleen that has finished flowering as the roses came out.


  6. Your roses do look lovely against the fence. I was wondering what the large leafed plant is in the second rose photo? I wish my chives flowered as well as yours do. I think I should rejuvenate them by repotting them. Congratulations on the family prize. I had a Flymo strimmer for many years. Love the bright marigold.

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  7. The wild parenting posts are great btw. I planted some of my nigrums with the rose Darcy Bussell and they do look good with roses – as in your pics. I’m feeling bad about pulling up some ox-eyes now, they were flopping everywhere, but as you say there are plenty of seedlings around. Great marigolds as well.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cheers for reading the posts. I write them partly as a record for me to look back on but it’s nice that the readership has grown. It’s intense writing each day for a month but it’s nice to look back on.
      I’ve pulled out a lot of the daisies but still plenty left flopping everywhere after all the rain. I’ll let them flower a bit longer then trim them neater. I’ve pulled more of the dead forget-me-nots the last few days cleared a bit of space for the dahlias to go in.


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