30 Days Wild: Day 6-Wildflower hunting

We’ve had the six on Saturday post for the day, now it’s time for our 30 days wild adventure for the day. We started off yesterday with a little bird watching while having an apple.

And we were treated to 3 goldfinches today.

We have been spotting lots of wildflowers while out on our walks so it seemed a good idea to make them the theme of this blog. I downloaded one of the plant ID guides and laminated it for trips out.

It was looking to be a wet day but we weren’t about to let them stop us get out. Waterproofs on. Alice has been desperate to take her umbrella out but since buying it the weather has been pretty good.

We found a few straight out of the door with herb Robert in the cracks of the walls and clover on the grass verges.

Ivy Leaved toadflax fills the stone walls along the park.

I mentioned the newly planted park trees were struggling in a previous blog. We’ve been watering them. They’ve had a bit of rain now but it’s still very dry. I took my hori-hori so I could clear some of the grass around them. On most young trees the fine water-absorbing tree roots can be found in the top six inches of soil so if they are competing with grassroots sharing the same space it decreases their chances of settling in. Can you spot the tree here?

I’ve given it a little clear to try and help. Even though it’s been raining I still took them some water as it’s drying out so quick it will still help. I just did the one as Alice is happy looking at the giraffe sculpture for a few minutes. I’ll gradually work along them. Some of them are still clearly doing alright so I’ll leave them for now. Advice suggests a ring cleared around a new tree of about 18 inches.

As it was looking like the rain would come down more heavily we had the park almost to ourselves except a few dog walkers. One of the advantages of wearing waterproofs and not minding rain. It also meant more of the birds were out and singing away.

Alice was able to get her umbrella up.

And I had a chance to photograph some soggy bees staying still sheltering on the buttercups.

Alice found a souvenir to bring home.

We enjoyed watching the pied wagtails while we sat and had a snack.

And Alice got a chance to enjoy the all-important activity of jumping in muddy puddles.

We collected a few wildflowers from the back of the garden to put in the flower press back home.

I quite like using tools like the flower press with Alice as they help teach patience. Something which doesn’t give instant gratification. Much like our garden efforts.

If you fancy learning more about the wildflowers around you check out https://www.plantlife.org.uk and Wildflower Hour. We found about half on the list which I think is reassuring for my locality on a fairly short walk.

After the exciting news of featuring on the wildlife trusts website we also found out Alice has won a prize from the HTA competitions during National Children’s Gardening Week. We don’t know what yet but hopefully it won’t be a lawnmower for her.

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