30 Days Wild: Day 4-cloud watching

Alice has been absolutely engrossed with clouds recently. She’s asked each time we’ve sat out in the garden if we can lay back and watch the clouds. So Tuesday evening we enjoyed a mindful moment watching the clouds while Alice spotted pictures in the clouds.

There were some lovely wispy clouds on show.

The house martins were enjoying zipping back and forth for food up high.

And a few visitors closer to the ground.

Wednesday, however, brought rain. This brought me lots of happiness as the garden won’t need watering for the day. Not as nice for cloud watching. So, it seemed like a good day to experiment with stamping. With tried cotton wool, brushes and sponges to make cloud pictures.

We’ve got a person, a snake and a dragon. I wonder if you can guess which is which?

Another nice day of 30 Days wild. If you are looking for something over the next few days June the 8th is World Ocean Day. https://worldoceanday.school/ has lots planned for the day. Some of it is already available including a rather cheesy American video about not polluting the oceans. Here in Hornsea locals are having to do several litter picks a day since Johnson told people they could return to the beach. So a nice video to share around currently.

Hope you’re enjoying your weeks. I’ve finished my current RHS assignment so I’ve got a little chance for a break to plan more for Alice before I start on the next one.

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