30 Days Wild: Day 3-Butterfly printing

Welcome to day 3 of 30 Days wild. After our leaf man picture, we carried on with our nature experiences with a walk in the park. A row of trees was planted last year in the park. They were planted as a result of most people having that vague awareness that we need to plant trees to help tackle climate change. Like a lot of these schemes, several local celebrities came along made a great deal of fuss about what a good deed they were doing and then they’ve been left to slowly die. With the drought, several of these trees are probably past saving. We’ve started to take a few extra bottles of water to give them a drink to help them establish. If future years remain as hot as this one we will really appreciate the shade from these trees if they get the chance to establish as well as their benefit to climate change and wildlife. If you have any newly planted street trees or park trees near to you they will appreciate a drink.

Preaching over, we enjoyed seeing squirrels while out. Even if it is the invasive grey it’s always a thrill to spot a wild mammal.

Alice is getting older but still no better at hide and seek.

The wilder area, mentioned previously, gave me some of the best butterfly photos in a while. Here is the tiny common blue.

The scientific name for the common blue is Polyommatus icarus, meaning the many-eyed one. When you see the wings closed you can see why.

Then yesterday we carried on with some craft fun working on some symmetry butterfly printing. I printed off a couple of butterfly outlines. These are then folded in half and a piece of paper placed over one half. We painted the one half and then folded it over, rubbed, and then opened. Alice enjoyed the painting and we had a good conversation about the patterns she was making.

“They get the nectar from the flowers and I like flowers” Alice.

It’s a joy to see that she is taking in lots of what we talk about each day and she is developing a good understanding of the natural world at such a young age.

Then cut out, a nice bit of cheer for the windows with decorating your windows being all the rage currently.

If you fancy looking and IDing butterflies check out butterfly conservation’s handy print out. Get to know them before the big count next month. We’ve got a few more butterfly ideas for over the month and a lot more wildness to come. Enjoy your Wednesday whatever you are doing.

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