30 Days Wild: Day 1-Teddy Bear’s Picnic

It is the start of another 30 days wild. Each day we do one act of wild. Something to connect us to nature. We had a pretty wild day yesterday before the start of 30 days, so I’m going to start with yesterday to give others a bit of inspiration.

Alice received a letter from the teddies.

Letters, cards and pretend emails make a great ‘hook’ for days with children. They really buy into the fact that the letter or invitation has come from who it claims. I used this ploy last week with the fairies for National Children’s Gardening Week. Alice always becomes more excited about the idea than if I’d just told her.

Inside the envelope was an invitation for a teddy bears picnic.

We wrote and drew what she wanted in her picnic. And she packed some play food for the teddies while we got the real food ready.

She enjoyed eating outside and tried a few pieces of food she doesn’t normally. It’s nice to eat outside. It adds the feeling of an event to eating pretty much the same lunch we would have had inside. In some ways, it makes the food taste better.

It’s nice to eat surrounded by the comings and goings of the birds and the insects in the garden.

Then we took pudding for a walk. Can’t have a teddy bear’s picnic without going down to the woods. We headed for the park as the beach is now too full for me to feel safe social distancing and Alice is getting a bit upset with people closer. We’ve spent so many weeks telling her we have to stay back from people that the beach just feels a bit too crowded. The park is easier to distance as we can head in any direction. part of the park has been left to grow wilder. Paths are cut through the grass and I like this area as fewer people walk there and it’s much richer in wildlife.

The buttercups were swarming with bees.

Plenty of dandelions to blow.

Then a little walk down what Alice refers to as the ‘secret path’.

Which brought us to a good spot to sit and enjoy the rest of our picnic.

Then we headed home where Alice carried on the picnic as she decided picnics are much like parties and need games, so we had more party games in the garden. It was a lovely day she enjoyed a lot and kept us outside for much of the day, which right now, feels healthier for all of us. We managed a walkout without coming close to anyone and got to enjoy lots of the wildflowers and insects. Hope you enjoyed a little view into our day and please comment if you’re taking part in 30 days.

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