Six on Saturday: 25.4.20

Despite being on lockdown I’ve not done a massive amount in the garden this week. Amy has been painting the kitchen so I’ve just done a few jobs over the week. The lawn has had its first mow now the lawn crocus are dying down. The bare patches are gradually recovering from building work last year. The dark-leaved cherry has finished flowering so I’ve given it a prune before the flowers underneath make it harder to get around it. The dahlia seeds went in at the start of the week. I have gone with Bishop’s Children again and a cactus mix. The cactus mix is already showing green signs of germination. Hopefully, the Bishop’s Children will catch up soon. The seagulls continue to be pains. They have taken to digging plants out. I’m not sure if they are after nest material or food while they are missing their usual fish and chips but they have become a bit of a menace. So far I’ve managed to replant much of what they’ve dug out but I need a solution to the issue.

1. Geranium phaeum

The first burst of the geranium flowers are out one on the phaeum varieties. These came to me from divisions of my mums, which I think had come to her through my aunty. They are a small purple variety. It gets numerous flowers all over. not particularly showy but popular with the insects. This is acting as ground cover around the Sambucus nigra.

2. Tulip ‘candy prince’

This tulip came as part of a Morrison’s pink set I bought to please Alice. Not the most exciting form and too pale to be that exciting on there own. They came with bright pink hyacinths and if they came through together it would probably make for an exciting combination but right now they are in a section of the border where they aren’t really standing out in any major way.

3. Clematis Montana

This Clematis Montana grows over the fence from my neighbours. It puts on a glorious display but needs a bit of a trim after flowering. The bees have loved it.

4. Farmer Macy order

I put in an order with Farmer Gracy for an iris and a dahlia a few weeks back. The dahlia is Black Jack. I ordered this one as I was meant to get it as part of a Sarah Raven collection of dark dahlias for pots. But, this one had issues with supply so I never got it. The other two were spectacular so I wanted to get my hands on this one. The Iris is a bearded iris ‘Batik’. This looks to be a stunning blue variety with white speckles. Hopefully, these will feature later in the season. I’d like to comment on how well it was all packaged. The bulbs come in a nice breathable box and are packaged within paper bags. No unnessecary plastic waste.

5. Newsagent bargains

I found these at one of the local newsagents while doing the milk run. They were dirt cheap and not options I’d normally go with but these are unusual times. The tray of begonias are something I’ve never bothered with but having grown lots of these in my work at the garden centre I was feeling it was a shame I wouldn’t end up with any of my own now. The Fuschia is ‘Claudia’. This is a pale pink trailer intended to go alongside another trailing white variety I’ve already got. Then the dark-leaved plant I’m assuming is a dahlia as it has the look of the Bishop’s children I grew last year. Lots of brash plants to add colour this year.

6. Tulip ‘Queen of the night’

These must be one of the most featured tulips on six on Saturday posts but with good reason. They are stunners and reliably come up.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my six this week. If you fancy taking part check the participant guide. I need to carry on watering as it’s very dry though we now have rain forecast. Lots of the seedlings need potting on and looking to make another plot on a plate. Enjoy your weekends and I hope you’re all keeping your sanity through all of this.

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35 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 25.4.20”

  1. I like the sound of your local newsagents, wish we had one like that here! I am slightly worried about the destructive seagulls, hope they don’t get up to those tricks here. Lovely photos as always. I bet the pink tulip would look good next to Queen of the Night. Have a good week. 🙂

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  2. Bad luck about the seagulls. I’m sure you’re right and they’re not being fed as people aren’t out and about. We have new people nearby and they have cats which seem to like our garden very much…two dead birds so far, and a lot of digging in the soil. Nice to get those bargains at the newsagent.

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  3. When you say “a little trim after flowering”, is it you doing your side or the neighbor doing the two sides? And is it severely cut down? I hesitate to plant one along the fence but I wonder what are the quantities of trim every year compared to a common clematis that I cut back at 40cm from the ground.
    Nice ‘Queen of Night’ tulip of course. I don’t know about you but we can’ot succeed in taking real colours … They are much more beautiful in real life.


    1. Neighbours won’t do anything with their side. I’ll cut my side back to the top of the fence. It will then come back over the rest of the year and then flower again next year. It will gradually get messier on their side until they chop it back when out of control. You can leave Montana’s quite a while though I believe and still get good displays.
      Not done too badly with the tulip colours but never exactly right. Had a good week of sun so had good photography light in the mornings.

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  4. So sorry to hear about your gull problem continuing. Don’t know if I mentioned it before but I put bamboo sticks btwn young plants to keep the fox & cats from digging them up, at least until the plants get established. Don’t know if bamboo would deter gulls, as they don’t usually come into our garden, but the thought being there’s no room for critturs to get close to the plants. Love Farmer Gracy’s plants. Can’t wait to see that iris. Sounds gorgeous. May go look at their website just to see it.

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    1. I’ve already put a network of bamboo stakes but they are trying to steal them too. I’ve ordered some concrete poles with hooks on the end. Then going to make a network of string and beach finds. If it’s awkward to land and take off I think they’ll stay off. Only be for a month until they’ve finished nesting. Just don’t want to plant anything new currently.

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      1. O my good golly, that’s like the juvenile magpies trying to steal my trellis last year, & they’re no way near the size of gulls. Good luck w/your concrete poles (post photos).

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      2. Lots of seagulls inland here too – they must be missing their regular diet of chips and sausage rolls! Fortunately they keep out of the garden, but they poop all over my car and Velus windows! Such a pain.

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      3. Yes, car needs washing regularly currently. They were eyeing up the car aerial the other day. I’ve got my metal concrete support bars on order. Then collecting worn rocks and bricks with holes through. The bars will go through the holes to make spires if brick and rock. Then maybe thread rope along the top to make it more awkward for seagulls to land but still allow smaller birds in.

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  5. Beautiful pictures today and some lovely plant choices. I really like the bargains you picked up on the newsagent run. I see many more people doing this to get people growing in self-isolation. I’m probably going to have a little sale of excess plants for charity.

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      1. I think I’m going to try and get them together for next Friday to promote some plant sales for Floral Friday for greenfingers charity. Spare sweet peas and lupins. A few hardy geraniums to divide off. And plenty of self seeded lychnis I can dig out.

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  6. I also think the pale tulips (look more lilac than pink)) would look nice with the darker tulips mixed with them. QofN is a lovely colour, such a rich shine too. I also like your Geranium phaeum – where have you got it planted? Sun or shade? I have seen large clumps of these in a café garden that looked fabulous.

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    1. The phaeum has been divided several times and is in positions in full sun, light shade and full shade. It does well in all though probably a few less flower bursts in full shade but still provides a neat dome of leaves. Well established, pretty drought tolerant. Minimal fuss really. Dug out a few bits for neighbours front garden.

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  7. Thanks for the info about Farmer Gracy and their plastic free packaging. I’m always interested in environmentally friendly suppliers. Queen of the Night features in my six this week. It’s a fab tulip, though I’ve not grown it for a while. I think the problem with begonias is that they come in a mix. I”d be happier if I could just have all the same kind. I’ve not been able to buy any plants for a while now though (which is probably a good thing).


  8. Very pretty tulips. I haven’t managed to get any new plants since for five weeks. We went into lockdown the week before government advice. I’m missing my plant buying forays to local nurseries. I might have a look at farmer Gracy. Haven’t bought anything there before. I like the sound of blackjack. Me too, I didn’t get my order from sarah r. All the best . Karen

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    1. I’ve had mixed experiences with Sarah Raven. Seeds have done wonderfully. Bulbs have been good but I’ve been refunded a few times when they haven’t been able to get the stock. Then had a few did plants. They sent me more on, but for the price you expect a better quality.
      I’m just in need of a few materials from the garden centre. I’ve got the plants for a hanging basket but no basket so be looking at alternatives or ordering. I could do with a builders yard. Need gravel to complete neighbours front garden makeover.

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      1. I perhaps won’t bother with sarah raven then. That sounds rather disappointing. I can highly recommend Gee Tee Bulbs. Large bulbs and reliable service. Good luck with your projects. We are trying to build a chicken run. It’s impossible to get any materials at the moment. Karen

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      2. Yes, love my gee-tee orders. All my crocus came from them. 200 for a good price. Then got wild garlic coming up from them now. Our builders yard is open again but haven’t wanted to try going down yet until they’ve had a bit of time of people to rush in. Then I’ve got a handful of basic bits I need but I’m not willing to pay the current prices for.

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  9. The queen of the night tulip is stunning! I’m also envious of your neighbours Clrmatis. My Clematis has grown very slowly and I hope it has a growth spurt once the weather starts warming up again. Lucky finds at the newsagents!


  10. Tulip Prince is a lovely plant. I went for a for a walk around my home town yesterday and saw a truly stunning Clematis Montana in a Street I don’t usually walk up and it was spectacular. We have destructive seagulls in our garden but even a more destructive blackbird and wood pigeon. I can forgive the latter 2 however.

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