Armchair Naturalist

This week I had an email from Haith’s bird food suggesting we become ‘armchair naturalists’ as a way to connect to nature through this spring. With many people stuck isolating they are looking at connecting people through nature. It’s comforting to know other people are out observing wildlife at the same time. Haith’s are looking for people to share their nature sightings through their Facebook page or Twitter.

Any long time readers of my blog will know I place value on appreciating the nature around this. I am a believer in the Gilbert White parochial approach. It is very satisfying getting to know your small patch intimately and currently there has never been a better time for getting to know your locality.

No fancy kit is needed, though a pair of binoculars are useful. All the photos here are sightings from within my own small garden.

While it might be harder to purchase new flowers currently there are lots of good mail-order companies. Some are listed on a previous blog. Having a reasonable seasonal flower spread will attract a wider selection of wildlife. But even if you just allow a few daisies or dandelions to grow you will find the bees coming in.

A little bit of food out will help attract in many birds. Bulk bags cand be ordered through Haith’s if you are completely homebound. In the interest of disclaiming Haith’s don’t pay me to promote them. I’ve used their food for my garden and it is very popular with the birds. If you are someone who trims the fat off meat the birds will appreciate it, though place it on feeders high up to avoid rodents. Grated cheese is always popular. Even apple cores thrown on the lawn will get pecked apart.

A supply of water brings a good amount of birds in. I would like a pond but it has been vetoed until Alice is older. I have a few copper pans that the birds enjoy splashing and drinking from.

Within my 30 days ideas, you may find some inspiration of activities to encourage nature.

The garden provides continual surprises of what I may find each day. Currently, we have several birds nesting in old drain pipes next door. A bee seems to have taken up residence in one of the birdhouses. We seem to have more birds visiting at the moment. You don’t need trips to nature reserves to find wonders there are wonders to be seen outside the window.

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4 thoughts on “Armchair Naturalist”

  1. Hi Josh

    Those photos on your blog are really lovely today – I particularly like the one of the white butterfly.

    Mum xxx


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