Six on Saturday: 21.3.20

This week has seen many hundreds of petunias and fuschias potted on alongside a lesser number of begonias. The first tomato plants I potted on at work are now making it onto the shop floor and are selling well. I can’t decide whether it’s just the time of year or whether people are planning to dig for victory but the grow your own seems to be selling well.

1. Fairy garden

I’ve finally got round to sorting Alice’s fairy garden. She bought this solar panel teapot a few weeks back. It has little lights inside illuminating it at night. We worked together covering the pot surface with various stones and glass gems. A pond area and grass area have been designated.

She recently got a few new residents as well.

2. Feeder cam

I won a nest camera kit last year. However I pretty much never get birds nesting so I decided to remove the camera and install it within a fence feeder tray. It’s wired and can be connected to my laptop to get a closer view of what is visiting. I was inspired by having seen Karen’s blog showing her new wildlife camera. She has a superior version with its own power source and no wires. But I’ve had this camera a year and done little with it so feel better for giving it a purpose.

Currently, that’s nothing. But the birds will find it soon I’m sure.

3. Bargain shrubs

I’ve been pretty good about not buying from work but these were super bargains. The Magnolia ‘Susan’ is a small variety that I can hopefully manage in a pot. They don’t really suit my conditions but at £1.49 I’ll take a chance. Then the Ilex creanta ‘Stokes’ will probably used in the front garden. I planted a hedge line already. So I may use these to thicken it up a bit. Or might keep these just keep them to try and do box type balls.

4. Daffodils

The daffodils are out in force now around the bench of happiness. These were planted when we first moved in and are now well established. They were just cheap bags of mixed daffodils. I’m not that fond of daffodils but Amy likes them and they do bring some cheer to this corner before the ferns and hostas get going again.

5. Bulb lasagne-muscari

The crocus is still going strong in the front pots and the muscari are coming through in the back pot now. Tulips to follow. These have been good little Tesco bargains.

6. Dahlietta Surprise Becky

The first dahlia of the year is flowering. This was bought as a plug when I went for my interview at the garden centre. It has been growing on inside and we now have the first flower. I’ll be pinching out in a day or two and taking the growth back a bit to encourage bushiness but for now, it’s stunning. I had one of these little container dahlias last year and it went for months on end. I’m hopeful this one will do the same.

I hope you are all ok in these strange times and getting some comfort from your gardens. I got round to updating my contents and added a 30 days wild page of ideas. Many of them can be done in the garden if you are confined to quarters. Don’t forget to check the other six on Saturday blogs through the founder’s blog. Check the comments on his latest for more blogs. Stay safe out there.

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17 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 21.3.20”

  1. Those were bargain shrubs! I’m looking forward to seeing some feeder camera shots. I was tempted by a camera nest box but decided wiring one up with a power supply was beyond my capabilities. Besides, I don’t think anything will nest in our small garden due to the feeders, though perhaps they’ll get used as a roosting place if we have a bad winter.

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  2. I just love Alice’s fairy garden, she must be having a great deal of fun with it. An d who could have resisted those bargains. I am looking forward to the feed from the camera kit. Its on my long list of things I might do one day, setting up a pond is also on that list!


  3. Alice’s fairy garden is lovely. I hope she gets a lot of enjoyment from it. The muscari photo is very good. I’m afraid I would make no money at all if I worked in a nursery! Is yours staying open then?

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    1. It is busy currently as we stock corner shop type items. I imagine the cafe will be closing but that’s been quiet this week anyway. So we’ll see how it goes. I’m only on a temp contract for a few months so we’ll see how long I can keep it going with all this going on. I potted on the magnolia Susan. Going to be a long time before it puts on much of a show but at that price I can wait.

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  4. Alice’s Fairy garden is delightful and the teapot is such a cute idea. A great little place for her to let her imagination run wild.

    Daffodils are always welcome at this time of year – and more especially now when we need some garden cheer. The bulb lasagne looks perfect on your blue table – and the blue patterned jar adds the finishing touch.


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