Six on Saturday: 14.3.20

Welcome to this week’s six on Saturday. I’ve had another good week at my new job. This week has mainly involved potting on pelargoniums and petunias. Then I’ve done a few practical jobs. I’ve built a good few barbeques for the shop floor and a few benches. The most commonly asked customer questions are about if it’s too early to plant different things out. We have shifted out the last of the winter bedding plants and deliveries are coming in for the new season. It’s interesting to see what is popular amongst different people and what is the best seller each week. This week I’ve suspicious feeling toilet paper may trump plants but we’ll see.

1. Sparrowhawk

Last weekend I saw something zoom past at the end of the garden. It twirled around and dragged a blackbird to the ground. It settled on the lawn and I saw I had a sparrowhawk. I’ve seen them come through before but this was the first time I’ve seen one settle on the lawn. Probably a male as quite small. I know some people don’t like them eating the birds visiting their feeders but they only end up in an area if there are enough birds to support them.

2. Iris Germanica

I have had these two irises sat in the cupboard for a month or two and decided it was time to plant. I’d moved the bleeding heart alba out of the cold frame so potted these up. Then shift them to a bigger pot once they get going. The sweet peas are doing well in there too. Forming leaves now.

3. Beach finds

On last weeks beach walk, I found a bit more driftwood and this metal pole with bits of rock. It’s been added to one of the pots.

4. Hydrangea pruning

I did the hydrangeas hair cut last week. I always worry I’ve gone too far but they flourish each year so must be doing something right. Even if I did go a bit far I’d only miss out on flowers for a year. Pretty tough now they are established. To prune them I cut just behind the mops and after where I can see the leaf buds coming out. Then dead growth with no leaves is thinned out.

5. Prunus incisa ‘Kojo-No-Mai’

I’d been envious of everyone else’s prunus incisa the last few years. I saw one in the bargain section incredibly cheap. I thought it might be dead at the price but thought it was worth a chance. It is coming back to life with wonderful blossom so looks like they were just clearing it ready for the new stock of them.

The blossom hangs delicately from the branches.

The bottom of the pot has been dressed with moss. There was a bag of hanging basket moss selling at 99p at one of the garden centres. I thought it would make for a nice mulch to the pots and add a Japanese element to the pots.

6. The lawn

The lawn has been in a very sorry state the last year. With having to move everything off the patio for the builders and then the builders going over it for several months it has a lot of bare patches. I’ve spread grass seed and the last of the soil improver bought last month to see how about getting it re-established as a lawn. It does make it look worse initially but it should recover quickly enough. I finished raising the brick edging I hadn’t completed a few weeks back. It should keep the divide between the lawn and borders a bit neater and make it easier mowing.

The crocuses have established themselves in dribs and drabs. Not the sea of colour I’d like but they should spread year on year.

As the UK prepares to go on lockdown I hope you have stockpiled compost and garden supplies to keep you busy. Check out the rest of the six on Saturday posts through the Propagators blog and read the participant guide if you fancy taking part. I hope you’ve enjoyed my six on Saturday and enjoy your weekends whatever you are up to.

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15 thoughts on “Six on Saturday: 14.3.20”

  1. Nice capture of this sparrowhawk in your garden !
    I also trimmed back my hydrangeas (4) last weekend and now I’m still waiting for them to give beautiful flowers.I hope we won’t have cold nights that will burn the new buds like 2 years ago …

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Cheers, happy to have made it to grab my camera in time. Had to shoot through the glass as I thought opening the door would scare it off.
      The hydrangeas seem to be tough enough. most of mine have got a slight dip from the patio so even after the beast from the East they weren’t too bad.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad to have had my camera to hand for the sparrowhawk. I hope I manage to get the iris going as it looks to be a beauty. Just hoping I don’t get sent home from the job now if the virus forces closures. I’m hoping as my job isn’t with the public it’ll be alright.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Beautiful shot of the hawk. Beautiful bird. Love them, but would rather they had take away lunch than eat on my lawn. I so love hearing about your job. Hope you continue to report on your observations. I, too, have lusted after a kojo-no-mai but’ve talked myself out of it, as I already have so many trees in pots. But your photos are such a temptation . . . the flowers are such delicate little dangles, aren’t they? Looking forward to those irises, too.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh dear – you’ve just reminded me that I still have bulbs and tubers in the garage that I need to plant, and I still have loads of pruning to do, including hydrangeas.

    Love that you captured the sparrowhawk in action.

    Your little prunus is going to be beautiful very soon. Love the shape of its branches. Stockpiled compost? No, I hadn’t given that a thought – it wouldn’t be good if garden centres had to close, they’re a place of escape from the woes of the world for those of us who garden. But shortly, I know might not want to go out anywhere. 😢

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  4. Sparrowhawks are such impressive but cross looking birds. Good picture. Meanwhile, I have only one sweet pea that’s germinated. I may have to buy the plants but I have some more seeds so I will give them another go.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Wow! Great shot of the sparrowhawk. I think I saw one in the hedge near my garden a couple of years ago, it was being mobbed by magpies! And I found a dead blackbird in amongst my bamboo this week, not sure if it just got stuck in there or something attacked in from the air.

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  6. I love the way you’ve dressed the pot of your Kojo. A proper japanese vibe. Glad you job is going well. My local garden centre seemed quite busy this week.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s been busy today at centre so people still trying to get out while they can. I’ve tried to do a few of the pots as mini Japanese gardens since I can’t grow a lot of the plants across the main borders. Quite like how they are looking.


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